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Early Death

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The Invisible Assassinations of Al Mualim and Robert de Sable

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So invisible assassinations (starting a memory corridor scene right before an assassination mission by assassinating a character while he is despawning) are also possible for Al Mualim and Robert de Sable.

Al Mualim Invisible Assassination
The civilians inside the Masyaf fortress disappear when the cutscene in the garden starts. So throw one of them there (don't throw him more than a few times or you'll take out all his health). After the memory corridor scene the game glitches with Altair since he is teleported to the usual spot after the memory corridor, but still affected by the scene started by entering the place. You then hear the dialogue with the dying Al Mualim, "I applied my heart to know wisdom...", but the regular cutscene also starts regardless. After the scene you are unable to perform any high profile actions and can't progress any farther into the game, not to mention the camera zooms out.

Robert de Sable Invisible Assassination
With Robert you use a guard for the assassination. When fighting the last wave of guards in Arsuf kill the high level ones first and the last remaining few will abandon the fight. The memory wall won't disappear until you kill a certain amount (you'll know when because the game will lag for a brief moment). The scene starts when you're about fifteen meters away, so at sixteen meters high profile kill the guard to start the memory corridor scene.
Afterward the scenes before and after the memory corridor are merged together for a while, but eventually sort themselves out. Since the memory corridor has already happened, you automatically progress through the game after the scenes.

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The Invisible Assassination of Garnier de Naplouse

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Many thanks to MAGLX for discovering an easier way of getting in the side window.

The easy way to get inside the hospital early is to to edge jump to the window.
After that you will notice Garnier and two guards standing by the door inside the hospital. There are also two other guards and a civilian prestaged for the following cutscene.

Now for the invisible assassination. For those who are not familiar with it, it happens when characters for a scene prior to an assassination are assassinated in high profile (except for the target, he can be assassinated in low profile) while despawning. This causes the memory corridor to start, skipping the assassination mission entirely.

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Garnier - an easy way to preassassination

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Hey, guys. Here I find an easy way to climb this window, I believe you just read on to understand how to do it. But I'm not sure whether this method can be used on PS3 & Xbox360, if you had to try this, please tell me whether or not feasible.

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Top Ten Discoveries

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This video is the result of a collaboration between aurllcooljay, JoeyFogey and myself. Our goal was to document the ten greatest achievements in AC1 by members of The Hidden Blade. We hope to publish this video to a wide audience and let them see what THB is all about. To that end, I've joined the Union For Gamers program to partner with Curse. They have agreements with publishers like Ubisoft that let them monetize and promote gameplay videos (as long as they don't contain copyrighted music). If your channel qualifies it's a good deal: 90% revenue share, no lock-in, and no branding requirements.

See the following links for more information on the original discoveries.

1. Robert and Al Mualim Early Death
Reported on Gamefaqs
Original Robert Death
Original Al Mualim Death

2. King William's Death

3. Shock and Awe

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Additional Back to the Future Assassinations
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A collection of additional assassinations in AC1, made possible by back to the future exploit.

Start this the same way as the original early assassination of Maria.
Reinitialize the memory by going through the city entrance in the south of Jerusalem. The game doesn't recognize Maria as a target anymore. Now there is no memory corridor scene, and Maria stays dead. It's probably possible to get an instant kill from this by taking out her health and talking to the bureau leader, but I didn't have enough time to record more.

Start this the same way as the original early assassination of Sibrand.
Reinitialize the memory by going through the city entrance in the north part of Acre (there's also an entrance in the eastern part, but you desynch before getting there from the game thinking you already started the mission). Sibrand usually goes onto the docks and walks back and forth along them just like the guard patrol. He's unresponsive to you, but still reacts to seeing dead bodies (in the original Back to the Future assassination he can detect you and would run back to the ship to get to the guard tower). Now that the game doesn't recognize him as a target there's no memory corridor scene. You can also take out his health for an instant kill, but it isn't very interesting.

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Losing City Alert and Tamir's Early Death
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Losing City Alert
A new easy setup for restarting an assassination mission. Put simply, desynchronize while autosaving. Why? Because while desynching you aren't under city alert. And since the game records you being under city alert why wouldn't it keep track that you're not? The way I did it was fall into water after talking to a saved citizen, but there are probably other ways. After respawning you no longer have city alert and can reinitialize the memory by going through one of the city gates. Now the fun begins.

Tamir's Early Death
As a result of Back to the Future Exploit, Tamir walks around randomly after accepting the mission. He can still detect you, and the memory corridor scene can be started. One thing to also note is Tamir spawns back at the assassination location when you get within a certain area of it. So what happens if he spawns back while you assassinate him? You appear at the prestaged location, which also contains the character Tamir kills in the cutscene.

Instant Kill
Reinitialize the memory by going through one of the city gates. Since Tamir is no longer recognized as a target by the game, taking out his health won't result in the memory corridor scene. Then talk to the bureau leader to restart the mission. Afterwards Altair teleports to kill because the game recognizes Tamir as a target. Tamir was killed in the place where the assassination takes place, and from that far away he glitched under the ground. Now Altair is stuck in limbo, spawning where he killed the target.

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Execution Cancelled - Majd Addin's Early Death
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To start this glitch out of the city and restart the assassination mission. Here's the original video.
By restarting the mission this way you change the mission structure. The game still thinks you have to assassinate Majd even though you haven't started the assassination cutscene yet. However Majd is nowhere to be found. You can still hear his voice, though, and the target sign on the map is fixed where Majd should be on stage. So go to one of the city entrances to reinitialize the memory. Go back to the execution area. Majd Addin is somehow there. The first time I did this he was walking out of the area, but every time I try it now he is glitched under the stage (seriously, what's up with me getting extremely lucky the first time?!). This is because the game can't model objects from far distances away, and they disappear, a technique known as "There is no Spoon" (or "TINS" for short).
Luckily, Majd isn't unresponsive and can fight you. If he does a combo kill he glitches out. Killing him will result in a non-story assassination with no memory corridor scene.

Instant Kill
I wanted to see what would happen if you took out the target's health without assassinating him, and then restarted the mission. And to make it better I took out his health on the bureau entrance. Well, as you can see, the game recognized him as a target and teleported Altair for the kill. I also tried taking out his health in the execution area to see what would happen. The cutscene seems to have started during the kill and ended. All the HUD elements disappeared and didn't reappear until I desynchronized. The invisible memory barriers during the scene were still there, which I had to glitch out of. One thing I also tried was leaving Majd alive and restarting the mission, but he disappeared. Too bad, I wanted to see what would happen if I had managed to clone him.

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Back to the Future With Jubair
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The result of Back to the Future exploit done on Jubair al Hakim. Another name for this video would have been "Jubair Quits his Job" (but I wanted it to have a unique title).

Start the setup with the Instant Kill from the original video.
Since you aren't under city alert you can leave the city. There will be a warning that leaving the city will reinitialize the memory. If you pay close attention you will notice that the bureau disappears from the minimap. Also the current status changes from "Escape and return to the Bureau Leader" to "Return to the Bureau Leader". This confirms the memory has been restarted. So you don't even have to leave the city for this exploit.

Back to the Future
So what happens when the game knows you already did the mission? Well... Jubair and his minions already shown up as targets on the map. They casually stroll outside the Madrasah Al-Kallasah, unaffected by the scene that will start. However if you get too close they will teleport back into place for the scene. So keep some distance. In the video I find a spot with a good view of the front door (which is open). Just wait for Jubair to walk by. And since the game recognizes him as a target assassinating him results in the memory corridor scene, unlike the original Early Death which is non story.

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Party Cancelled - Abul Nuquod's Early Death
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So it turns out Abul Nuquod can be killed before it should be possible, even though you can't get to him without the memory recording.

For the basic setup watch the original video.
You get in the place by countering a guard through the other side of a wall.

Early Death
After glitching inside the palace the memory starts recording before you reach Abul Nuquod. Walk to the front where you can fall off the roof. There's an invisible barrier that prevents you from going back inside (and in this case also a blue memory wall from being exposed). Walk to the nearest city entrance. You will receive a message that the memory will reinitialize if you leave the city. Going further will refresh the memory and allow you to regain high profile actions. So run back to the palace. Guess who is strolling out the side door? Abul, and maybe one of his bodyguards (I've done this only twice, so I don't know the chances). The game doesn't delete them when you reinitialize the memory, probably because they don't appear until the memory starts recording (actually you can see the bodyguards on the balcony from outside the front door, so it's probably based on distance until the memory starts recording). The palace is empty, and there is no target on the map. Even after killing Abul Nuquod you still have to start the mission again.

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The Invisible Assassination of Not William of Montferrat

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Note: Aurel found this first and then told me about it, so I didn't really do anything.
You can do this by starting the William assassination at the bureau and then infiltrating the fortress without the scene starting (see this article). At certain points in the fortress, all the soldiers will disappear. You can then setup an 'invisible kill' with air-to-assassinate: you lock onto your target and make sure you jump through one of these spots. Near the back of the group is a great spot.
Altaïr then performs an air-assassination ( Big smile ) and the memory corridor scene starts. Afterwards, you can just stroll out of the area and get back to the bureau, after which you will have completed the mission.
I opted to get out of the city instead, to see if the back-to-the-future exploit worked. It didn't, but William's army has become substantially smaller, which makes setting up an anonymous kill very easy with a couple of knives.

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