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About The Hidden Blade Staff

Rick LaMont
Site Administrator

The co-founder and CTO of Dot C Software, Inc., Rick LaMont is the lead programmer of RenderDotC and Mai-Tai. His love of programming began when he wrote video games for the TRS-80 Color Computer, including Space Race, Le Mans, and the critically acclaimed Lancer.

Mr. LaMont received the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for Technology Benefiting Mankind for his work on the Weyerhaeuser DesignCenter. Along with another programmer, he created the first Video on Demand application in the United States as part of Time Warner's Full Service Network, an interactive television trial in 1994.

Under the pen name "stabguy" he wrote Stylish Assassination Guide, an illustrated walkthrough for improved gameplay in Assassin's Creed. stabguy's videos have inspired thousands of players to incorporate advanced techniques into their Assassin's Creed repertoire.

Co-founder and Editor

Little is known about IanXO4, except that he carries piano wire in his pocket.
And that he's really, really handsome.

(Post your fictional "about" for IanXO4 to see it here.)

Web Content Editor

Some call me "that one comic book guy" or "the Assassin veteran with entry level skills".

I'm JoeyFogey. I currently study Media Arts & Science with a focus in Video Game Design in a school somewhere. Here, you'll find me posting things in the Assassin Art topic and commenting when I feel like it (though I'm constantly logging on).

I'm all about creativity, so expect lots of support from this incredibly attractive fella if you post your creative videos, images, and ideas.

Ok Stabguy, about my payme--

Retired Editor

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single person in possession of a good videogame console, must be in want of virtual mayhem. Call me LisaMurphy. Mom. Master Assassin. Compulsive compiler of videogame walkthroughs, maps and lists of chronologically-ordered item upgrades into concisely tabulated 3-ring binders.