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Memory Block 5

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Altair's Fists of Fury

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Turn targets into one-hit punching bags!
Read this description for the explanations of how each target was set up, as well as why other targets couldn't be killed this way.


You can't take his heath down early without getting detected, which makes it impossible to progress.


Get into the hospital early through the window.
Then take down his health until he's one punch away from death.


After killing his guards, take out Talal's health with throwing knives.
You'll need to have done the Garnier assassination first to have the knives unlocked.
Now one punch is all you need to take him out, but it's easy to miss on the running target.


Get into his fortress early.
After punching him nearly to death start the scene. Afterward sneak up on him with a jump. If you get detected, William will get into combat stance and block the punch, which happened a lot until I jumped from the spot in the video.

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Top Ten Discoveries

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This video is the result of a collaboration between aurllcooljay, JoeyFogey and myself. Our goal was to document the ten greatest achievements in AC1 by members of The Hidden Blade. We hope to publish this video to a wide audience and let them see what THB is all about. To that end, I've joined the Union For Gamers program to partner with Curse. They have agreements with publishers like Ubisoft that let them monetize and promote gameplay videos (as long as they don't contain copyrighted music). If your channel qualifies it's a good deal: 90% revenue share, no lock-in, and no branding requirements.

See the following links for more information on the original discoveries.

1. Robert and Al Mualim Early Death
Reported on Gamefaqs
Original Robert Death
Original Al Mualim Death

2. King William's Death

3. Shock and Awe

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Additional Back to the Future Assassinations
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A collection of additional assassinations in AC1, made possible by back to the future exploit.

Start this the same way as the original early assassination of Maria.
Reinitialize the memory by going through the city entrance in the south of Jerusalem. The game doesn't recognize Maria as a target anymore. Now there is no memory corridor scene, and Maria stays dead. It's probably possible to get an instant kill from this by taking out her health and talking to the bureau leader, but I didn't have enough time to record more.

Start this the same way as the original early assassination of Sibrand.
Reinitialize the memory by going through the city entrance in the north part of Acre (there's also an entrance in the eastern part, but you desynch before getting there from the game thinking you already started the mission). Sibrand usually goes onto the docks and walks back and forth along them just like the guard patrol. He's unresponsive to you, but still reacts to seeing dead bodies (in the original Back to the Future assassination he can detect you and would run back to the ship to get to the guard tower). Now that the game doesn't recognize him as a target there's no memory corridor scene. You can also take out his health for an instant kill, but it isn't very interesting.

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Back to the Future With Jubair
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The result of Back to the Future exploit done on Jubair al Hakim. Another name for this video would have been "Jubair Quits his Job" (but I wanted it to have a unique title).

Start the setup with the Instant Kill from the original video.
Since you aren't under city alert you can leave the city. There will be a warning that leaving the city will reinitialize the memory. If you pay close attention you will notice that the bureau disappears from the minimap. Also the current status changes from "Escape and return to the Bureau Leader" to "Return to the Bureau Leader". This confirms the memory has been restarted. So you don't even have to leave the city for this exploit.

Back to the Future
So what happens when the game knows you already did the mission? Well... Jubair and his minions already shown up as targets on the map. They casually stroll outside the Madrasah Al-Kallasah, unaffected by the scene that will start. However if you get too close they will teleport back into place for the scene. So keep some distance. In the video I find a spot with a good view of the front door (which is open). Just wait for Jubair to walk by. And since the game recognizes him as a target assassinating him results in the memory corridor scene, unlike the original Early Death which is non story.

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Sibrand Isn't Paranoid Enough (Early Death)
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An early death on Sibrand, made possible by glitching out of the city and restarting the mission. For those not familiar with this exploit watch the original video.

Early Death
Since the game knows you started the assassination mission Sibrand is already on ship before you start the cutscene. Getting to him is another matter entirely since he appears back at the scene location if you enter the shipyard directly. So enter it from the south wall by the way shown in the video. There are some guards along the way that can easily detect you, so be careful (or fight them all off like I did). Before you reach the ship Sibrand gets on the docks nearby. He seems to just walk back and forth along it. Killing him results in the memory corridor scene.

Getting out of the city after the assassination is trickier in Acre than in Jerusalem since Acre has two closed gates at the entrance. So I used a different method. I did the save citizen mission outside of Acre and gentle pushed the citizen all the way to the bureau, then started the mission. Then I moved the citizen all the way to the cutscene and afterward to the target. After assassinating Sibrand I talked to the saved citizen, which resulted in saving the game. Then I desynchronized. When I respawned it was outside of Acre. Saving the game by a talking to a save citizen results in spawning where the save citizen mission started.

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Jubair al Hakim's Early Death
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Like the title says, the early death of Jubair right before you are supposed to kill him.

Infiltrating the Madrasah Al-Kallasah
This is easy if you know how to do it. Have some guards chase you onto the roof. Then drop down to the door on the south side of the building. Engage in combat with the guards there. After a little while the guards on the roof will come down to the ground from inside the building. Since this is the only time in the game that the door is closed the guards' ai thinks they can go through. They will attack you through the door, which gives an opportunity to glitch inside by counter attacking. You need to be in combat with the guards outside since you can't lock onto the guards inside. Countering can be a little tricky because you might not be able to see the guards attack until it's too late.

Jubair's Early Death
Once you get inside you will find Jubair and the other scholars in the northwest corner of the building. They pretty much stay in the spot where they are (even grabbing and throwing won't move them). At the front of them are Jubair and the scholar he talks with during the scene. Now for pre-killing Jubair and/or the scholars. I've tried different killing combinations, each with their own results. First I killed everyone except the scholar Jubair talks with. Now for the scene... Levitating books?! Even the scholar I didn't kill doesn't appear for the scene, and the scene itself somehow won't end (when I had first originally done this I killed everyone and the scene ends as normal). Now I'll try killing just Jubair. You can identify him from the other scholars by the pouch he wears. Here's the problem with killing just him: You are exposed by the scholars, and the scene cannot start until you become anonymous. So glitch back outside the building the same way you came in. Lock onto one of the scholars so you are in combat and counter attack a guard who is outside. Then get far enough away that you escape the scholars and become anonymous (I had tried using a hiding spot but couldn't get out of it). Now for the scene... Wait, why is the scholar dead instead of Jubair?! When the scene ends you fail the mission as though the target had escaped. Now this is weird, the blade's low profile kill animation on the scholar is the same as on a target. Also one time I killed just the scholar and he still appeared in the scene as well as Jubair, but I failed the mission right after the scene ended. It's as though he is a copy of Jubair, and killing one of them affects the other. That's a very interesting thing in the game that can only be answered by Ubisoft.

Instant Kill
I wanted to try an automatic kill on Jubair like what I did with Garnier.
However I couldn't reanimate him because he can't be moved from the place he is. So I theorized it could be possible just by taking down his health with fists, since being knocked out isn't quite the same as being dead. Well it worked, but in a way that I didn't expect to happen. After I climbed up to start the scene and the dialogue appeared, "ancestor's memory synchronized recording..." Altair teleported to ground assassinate Jubair, causing the memory corridor scene to start. This is probably the only time in an AC game that a memory corridor scene has started before it should. It seems the game recognizes Jubair as a target when the scene starts. Afterwards the scene is cancelled. The invisible barriers are still there that prevent you from leaving, so I glitch my way through one of them by grasping a ledge. You aren't under city alert as you normally would, but can still complete the memory.

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Eagle Strike at Cathedral of the Holy Cross

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I put away my Assassin's Creed disc when Assassin's Creed 2 was released about 21 months ago. Shortly afterward, I lost the disc, and I was pretty much convinced that I would never see it again. Much to my surprise, I found the disc about a month or two ago, and I started playing it again a few days ago. It was nice to play Altair again...

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In the Huddle of Sibrand's Scene
[From the forums - stabguy]

Getting in the huddle of Sibrand's scene prior to the assassination is possible although it doesn't affect the assassination itself. Start by going to the docks then get on the boat close to the scene location. Jump to the spot by the stairs. Since this area is supposed to be unreachable you are able to walk right into the scene. There isn't much point to this besides some hilarity. During the scene I don't move the camera much since it follows Sibrand. Also I don't use memory glitches to zoom the camera in since that would make Altair disappear.

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Jubair al Hakim Superfast Blitz
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Jubair will not leave the building after the cutscene! Thanks to a few exploits you can get in the scene prior to the assassination and kill Jubair right before he teleports.

First of all, normally the ancestor's memory will start recording when you reach the roof of the building for the scene, but if you are detected that doesn't happen, with memory walls preventing you from going any further. There is a certain place on the west side of the building with a ledge that will lead you to a higher place on the roof, but getting to it is a little tricky. Get a guard to come after you to reach that place, then kill him to get rid of the memory walls. You want to hang on that ledge before he dies, so to delay his death I grab and throw him (I made the mistake of throwing him at a wall, which killed him faster). You need to be in the right spot to grab on that ledge when running up the wall.

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Stefano da Bagnone - Dynamic Stunt

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Altair92's recent videos using the smoke bomb to cause targets to flee inspired me to revisit the first mission where I noticed this effect: Stefano da Bagnone. At the time, I couldn't find any interesting to do with the fact that he ran away - Ezio doesn't have a gun yet, and Stefano did nothing more than run along a path into the distance. But I recently found a particular mission design that causes Stefano to run in circles around the monastery. This gives an opportunity for a dynamic stunt, which is my favorite type of assassination, as many of you know.

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