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Majd Addin

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Guard Assisted Assassination on Majd Addin

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For this I couldn't get the target to fight any guard attacking me, and the guards in this mission are recognized as regular Saracens, preventing fight between them and other Saracen guards.

So then I resorted to starting a fight between another type of mission based guard (the one outside of Talal's warehouse) and other guards. This meant pushing him all the way to the execution area. Luckily Majd Addin goes into fight mode after seeing other guards fighting.

If you aren't aware of how guards fight each other in AC1, watch this video.

To make things easier, I took out most of his health with throwing knives. The guards in the immediate area are all low level and can't perform combos, counters or grabs, which are the only way to hurt targets and Templars. So you'll need to run around and find higher level guards to fight him until he dies.

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Two Blitzes on Majd

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Here are two blitzes I performed on Majd, as part of grinding segments for my Assassin's Creed 1 speedrun.

The first one is an anonymous blitz in 5.4 seconds. It utilizes a trick that I recently discovered, but that I haven't figured out yet. For some reason, if you don't move too much and jump correctly after the cutscene ends, you can get through the guard post surrounding the platform anonymously. I currently have done about 50-ish attempts for the Majd Assassination segment with this setup, and it's happened twice. The second time is the one you can see in the video.
It might be a bit faster to climb up on the platform directly rather than running around like I did, but I don't think Altaïr would stay anonymous then.

The second one is an exposed blitz in 3.6 seconds. It utilizes the same setup as the anonymous blitz, which is to position yourself slightly to the left of the center of the platform as shown in the video, and then using gentle push (Empty hand button) to get room before jumping through the guard post. This case was particularly lucky because Altaïr hit a civilian with his right foot, which triggered Majd jumping from the platform a bit earlier.

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Top Ten Discoveries

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This video is the result of a collaboration between aurllcooljay, JoeyFogey and myself. Our goal was to document the ten greatest achievements in AC1 by members of The Hidden Blade. We hope to publish this video to a wide audience and let them see what THB is all about. To that end, I've joined the Union For Gamers program to partner with Curse. They have agreements with publishers like Ubisoft that let them monetize and promote gameplay videos (as long as they don't contain copyrighted music). If your channel qualifies it's a good deal: 90% revenue share, no lock-in, and no branding requirements.

See the following links for more information on the original discoveries.

1. Robert and Al Mualim Early Death
Reported on Gamefaqs
Original Robert Death
Original Al Mualim Death

2. King William's Death

3. Shock and Awe

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Majd Addin Mini Variety Pack
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The main title page says "Executing the Executioner", which is almost the same as Stabguy's video on stylishly killing Majd. This one actually includes the 'execution' kill-move, though.

Swift Death
This relies on exactly the same mechanics as my Pre-exposed Blitz, but it takes very little setup time. I imagine it would be better to start from a position closer to Majd, but you'd have to piss off the guards real quick, or Majd will stay at the podium unless you wait, at which point you've got a bunch of guards taking swings at you. I didn't feel like trying over and over. I watched enough of Malik and Majd's blabbering during the making of the Pre-exposed Blitz.
Time taken is something like 6.5 seconds.

Instant Retribution
...after having been warned. While playing around in the area, I found this neat spot above the stage where you stand atop of the branch. You can't move or do anything really, or you'll fall. The spot is very easy to get to, you just need to find the correct place to wallrun, which is just a bit off from the side.

Base Jump Stunt
I called this a stunt, even though Altaïr doesn't take damage in the video. The description for 'stunt' in the Advanced Techniques Summary states: " The height of the fall should be sufficient to cause injury." And the height is, just not if you roll. Whether or not this can be classified as a stunt, it is a very stylish kill.
To start off, go to flag #14. From there you have to make quite a tricky jump, but you have plenty of time while Majd is busy talking. Once you land in the right spot, you have to punch yourself up a bit and then turn back around. If you look closely, you see this is because the wall isn't vertical, but diagonal at that height. When you get up top, you just wait for Majd to walk out, drop down, et voila.
Note how the assassin was killed. There is no penalty for this (if you wait too long you'll desynchronize, though) and Malik makes no note of it.

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Majd Addin 16 Block Stunt - Back to the Future
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For the setup for Back to the Future on Majd Addin watch the original video.

Thanks to the exploit the target walks away to the temple area. This gives a window of opportunity to stunt assassinate him anonymously. Now the ground in the execution area is on a low level, while the path Majd takes slopes upward. To get a sixteen block stunt (the highest amount of damage Altair can take without dying) you need to perform the stunt before the target goes up the stairs. There just so happens to be a beam from which you can lose sixteen blocks of health by jumping off of. You'll need to hurry though. Majd starts walking that way as soon as the scene ends. Luckily he's on the other side of the area, and the crowd might slow him a little. If you're fast enough you might have a few seconds to spare. I had to do this stunt a few times because of mistiming, but in the end it worked out well with a stationary kill animation. Cool I also included the escape afterward.

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Execution Cancelled - Majd Addin's Early Death
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To start this glitch out of the city and restart the assassination mission. Here's the original video.
By restarting the mission this way you change the mission structure. The game still thinks you have to assassinate Majd even though you haven't started the assassination cutscene yet. However Majd is nowhere to be found. You can still hear his voice, though, and the target sign on the map is fixed where Majd should be on stage. So go to one of the city entrances to reinitialize the memory. Go back to the execution area. Majd Addin is somehow there. The first time I did this he was walking out of the area, but every time I try it now he is glitched under the stage (seriously, what's up with me getting extremely lucky the first time?!). This is because the game can't model objects from far distances away, and they disappear, a technique known as "There is no Spoon" (or "TINS" for short).
Luckily, Majd isn't unresponsive and can fight you. If he does a combo kill he glitches out. Killing him will result in a non-story assassination with no memory corridor scene.

Instant Kill
I wanted to see what would happen if you took out the target's health without assassinating him, and then restarted the mission. And to make it better I took out his health on the bureau entrance. Well, as you can see, the game recognized him as a target and teleported Altair for the kill. I also tried taking out his health in the execution area to see what would happen. The cutscene seems to have started during the kill and ended. All the HUD elements disappeared and didn't reappear until I desynchronized. The invisible memory barriers during the scene were still there, which I had to glitch out of. One thing I also tried was leaving Majd alive and restarting the mission, but he disappeared. Too bad, I wanted to see what would happen if I had managed to clone him.

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Majd Addin Quits His Job
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What if Majd Addin stopped killing people and just walked away? Well... My latest exploit does just that. I introduce to you Back to the Future exploit!

After killing Majd Addin go to the main gate of Jerusalem. Get the attention of the guards outside by killing the guards inside. Now the guards outside will try to get to you by climbing the beams. Here's a way to get them to temporarily fight you. Hang on the beam by the gate and when a guard comes he will throw rocks at you. Drop down and for a short while he will attack you before going back to the beams. If you manage to counter an attack you will glitch through the gate! Now fast travel out of there and come back.

Back to the Future Exploit
Upon arriving back in Jerusalem the gate will be open (probably because you are not under city alert). When entering you will be told that leaving the city will reinitialize the memory. Go talk to the bureau leader Malik. You will start the mission again as usual. But what has changed? When you get close you will hear the crowd talking as though the scene had just ended. Then you might hear the first victim talk. When you start the scene Majd will start saying what he last says to the first victim, and a few more things in the scene are out of sync. The scene ends with a long pause and Majd killing the first victim. As a result he falls off the stage and walks away. Because you weren't detected there isn't a distance restriction, but you can't follow him without crossing an invisible line that ends the mission. Now there are a few other ways this could end. If you don't hear the first victim speak before the scene you will hear her during the scene, and afterwards Majd will glitch partway into a wall. You are unable to lock onto him or assassinate with the hidden blade but can hit him with a weapon, which can get his attention but might also move him too far into the wall. Another way this could end is by having the second victim talk before the scene. I found that if you get away from the stage you can make more of the after-scene dialogue happen. The farthest I've gotten in the after-scene dialogue is the second victim talking. Now Majd will take a shortcut out of the place by climbing the building. I decided to end the video with an air to assassinate.

The Exploit Explained
Since you fast traveled after the assassination the area was refreshed. And by coming in through the gate you reinitialized the memory. So you start the assassination again, but the game knows you already did the mission, which results in the after-scene stuff happening before and during the scene. It's like the game thinks you are at two different checkpoints at the same time! For Majd Addin it's a tug of war between the scene and after-scene scripting. So the AI gets confused, and Majd is no longer affected by the scripting after the scene.

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Pre-Exposed Blitz on Majd Addin and Ghost Mode

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(Second vid below the fold)

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The Quadruple Jump

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This assassination is similar to the Triple Jump:

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The Turkey Shoot - Diary of a Schoolboy

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The Turkey Shoot: The goal in these assassinations is to immobilize the target so that you can easily stab him/her with the hidden blade. Of course, the developers never intended such assassinations to be possible, so you have to rely on several exploits in order to pull off these types of assassinations.

Here are video walkthroughs for the assassinations shown in "The Turkey Shoot".

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