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Majd Addin Mini Variety Pack

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The main title page says "Executing the Executioner", which is almost the same as Stabguy's video on stylishly killing Majd. This one actually includes the 'execution' kill-move, though.

Swift Death
This relies on exactly the same mechanics as my Pre-exposed Blitz, but it takes very little setup time. I imagine it would be better to start from a position closer to Majd, but you'd have to piss off the guards real quick, or Majd will stay at the podium unless you wait, at which point you've got a bunch of guards taking swings at you. I didn't feel like trying over and over. I watched enough of Malik and Majd's blabbering during the making of the Pre-exposed Blitz.
Time taken is something like 6.5 seconds.

Instant Retribution
...after having been warned. While playing around in the area, I found this neat spot above the stage where you stand atop of the branch. You can't move or do anything really, or you'll fall. The spot is very easy to get to, you just need to find the correct place to wallrun, which is just a bit off from the side.

Base Jump Stunt
I called this a stunt, even though Altaïr doesn't take damage in the video. The description for 'stunt' in the Advanced Techniques Summary states: " The height of the fall should be sufficient to cause injury." And the height is, just not if you roll. Whether or not this can be classified as a stunt, it is a very stylish kill.
To start off, go to flag #14. From there you have to make quite a tricky jump, but you have plenty of time while Majd is busy talking. Once you land in the right spot, you have to punch yourself up a bit and then turn back around. If you look closely, you see this is because the wall isn't vertical, but diagonal at that height. When you get up top, you just wait for Majd to walk out, drop down, et voila.
Note how the assassin was killed. There is no penalty for this (if you wait too long you'll desynchronize, though) and Malik makes no note of it.

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That was great ! Imagine this from the point of view of one of the people in the crowd, Altaïr falling from the sky right beside the target. Way to instill fear in the next Templars: beware, he comes out of f%"# nowhere !