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Two Blitzes on Majd

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Here are two blitzes I performed on Majd, as part of grinding segments for my Assassin's Creed 1 speedrun.

The first one is an anonymous blitz in 5.4 seconds. It utilizes a trick that I recently discovered, but that I haven't figured out yet. For some reason, if you don't move too much and jump correctly after the cutscene ends, you can get through the guard post surrounding the platform anonymously. I currently have done about 50-ish attempts for the Majd Assassination segment with this setup, and it's happened twice. The second time is the one you can see in the video.
It might be a bit faster to climb up on the platform directly rather than running around like I did, but I don't think Altaïr would stay anonymous then.

The second one is an exposed blitz in 3.6 seconds. It utilizes the same setup as the anonymous blitz, which is to position yourself slightly to the left of the center of the platform as shown in the video, and then using gentle push (Empty hand button) to get room before jumping through the guard post. This case was particularly lucky because Altaïr hit a civilian with his right foot, which triggered Majd jumping from the platform a bit earlier.

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WR Blitzes for Tamir and Talal

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In this video I demonstrate new world record blitzes for Tamir and Talal, as well as a super consistent way of escaping without hiding after the Tamir assassination. Actually, all of the stuff in the video is really consistent. I shave off almost half a second from the current WR on Tamir (1.03s versus 0.6s) and almost two seconds on Talal (24.00s versus 22.3s). I'll talk a bit about the setups and methods I use below.

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Top Ten Discoveries

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This video is the result of a collaboration between aurllcooljay, JoeyFogey and myself. Our goal was to document the ten greatest achievements in AC1 by members of The Hidden Blade. We hope to publish this video to a wide audience and let them see what THB is all about. To that end, I've joined the Union For Gamers program to partner with Curse. They have agreements with publishers like Ubisoft that let them monetize and promote gameplay videos (as long as they don't contain copyrighted music). If your channel qualifies it's a good deal: 90% revenue share, no lock-in, and no branding requirements.

See the following links for more information on the original discoveries.

1. Robert and Al Mualim Early Death
Reported on Gamefaqs
Original Robert Death
Original Al Mualim Death

2. King William's Death

3. Shock and Awe

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Taking Out the Trash: Uberto Alberti

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Blitz assassination of Uberto Alberti in 28.87 seconds [*].

Opening cutscene

Ezio is visible twice during the cutscene where Lorenzo walks with Uberto, once at the very beginning (not shown) and later over Lorenzo's shoulder as they enter the Santa Croce. Both times you may pivot Ezio with Analog stick. If you release the controls Ezio automatically turns to face the square. It's amusing that you can control Ezio from such a great distance from the camera.


This blitz reminds me of Talal - a 30 second free run full of technical challenges.

0:28 - 0:31: I experimented with several ways to cross the first gap and measured this one to be the fastest. There's one moment where Ezio struggles back to his feet on top of the chimney. This animation can be avoided by decreasing the distance of the jump (move to your left on the L-shaped structure before jumping). I found this to be no faster and error prone but your mileage may vary.

0:34: Release Legs button to step off the last rafter. Otherwise Ezio will jump all the way across to the next gable and again struggle back to his feet. It's slightly faster to put two feet on the flat part of the roof.

0:50 - 0:52: Both of these steps down are with Legs button released.

0:53: Release Analog stick here. Otherwise Ezio will roll forward and be out of position for the jump assassination.

0:54: Aim for Uberto and force a jump by tapping Legs button. Ideally Ezio will land next to Uberto. Too far away and he must walk to his target (running is disabled).

[*] Blitz was from a reload so the time is measured from the first frame of Ezio's movement to the first frame of the assassination cutscene. Time excludes adjusting the camera angle at the beginning.

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Majd Addin Mini Variety Pack
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The main title page says "Executing the Executioner", which is almost the same as Stabguy's video on stylishly killing Majd. This one actually includes the 'execution' kill-move, though.

Swift Death
This relies on exactly the same mechanics as my Pre-exposed Blitz, but it takes very little setup time. I imagine it would be better to start from a position closer to Majd, but you'd have to piss off the guards real quick, or Majd will stay at the podium unless you wait, at which point you've got a bunch of guards taking swings at you. I didn't feel like trying over and over. I watched enough of Malik and Majd's blabbering during the making of the Pre-exposed Blitz.
Time taken is something like 6.5 seconds.

Instant Retribution
...after having been warned. While playing around in the area, I found this neat spot above the stage where you stand atop of the branch. You can't move or do anything really, or you'll fall. The spot is very easy to get to, you just need to find the correct place to wallrun, which is just a bit off from the side.

Base Jump Stunt
I called this a stunt, even though Altaïr doesn't take damage in the video. The description for 'stunt' in the Advanced Techniques Summary states: " The height of the fall should be sufficient to cause injury." And the height is, just not if you roll. Whether or not this can be classified as a stunt, it is a very stylish kill.
To start off, go to flag #14. From there you have to make quite a tricky jump, but you have plenty of time while Majd is busy talking. Once you land in the right spot, you have to punch yourself up a bit and then turn back around. If you look closely, you see this is because the wall isn't vertical, but diagonal at that height. When you get up top, you just wait for Majd to walk out, drop down, et voila.
Note how the assassin was killed. There is no penalty for this (if you wait too long you'll desynchronize, though) and Malik makes no note of it.

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Al Mualim's Superfast Assassination
[Front-paged. -stabguy]

For this you'll need a live guard in memory block seven. When you fight the assassin guards climb to the top of the building in the area. When the second wave of guards arrives hang from the building and wait for Malik to knife them all. There's a good chance that one guard will still be alive (about 50% chance?). After inspecting the dead bodies the guard will walk to the fortress. He'll go there sooner if you go straight to Malik, possibly because the dead bodies aren't modeled in the game from being so far away.
Once inside the fortress get the guard to fight you and lead him to the back area. Throw him through the back door to ensure he's on that side when the door closes. Now the fun begins.

Al Mualim's Superfast Demise
In the scenes with Al Mualim Altair is paralyzed by the POE. Getting attacked by the guard will get Altair out of the paralyzed position, and he can walk about freely. However the guard is still determined to kill you, which almost happened in the vid. There are a few ways to reduce the chances of getting killed by him during the scenes. Before the last two scenes lead the assassin guard far away from the scene location so that he doesn't get you right away. Also one ability Altair retains in low profile is counter grab, which takes away health from an enemy.
In the last scene simply get behind Al Mualim and mash Armed hand when it ends. Presto, ultimate Al Mualim ownage.

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Pre-Exposed Blitz on Majd Addin and Ghost Mode

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(Second vid below the fold)

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Jubair al Hakim Superfast Blitz
[Promoted to front page - stabguy]

Jubair will not leave the building after the cutscene! Thanks to a few exploits you can get in the scene prior to the assassination and kill Jubair right before he teleports.

First of all, normally the ancestor's memory will start recording when you reach the roof of the building for the scene, but if you are detected that doesn't happen, with memory walls preventing you from going any further. There is a certain place on the west side of the building with a ledge that will lead you to a higher place on the roof, but getting to it is a little tricky. Get a guard to come after you to reach that place, then kill him to get rid of the memory walls. You want to hang on that ledge before he dies, so to delay his death I grab and throw him (I made the mistake of throwing him at a wall, which killed him faster). You need to be in the right spot to grab on that ledge when running up the wall.

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Maria Superfast Blitz
[Front-paged by stabguy]

This video demonstrates a superfast blitz on Maria in memory block six Jerusalem. When you get within the area for the scene you are unable to do any high profile actions. Jump from the fence to the railing which leads you to where you can get in the huddle of the scene. Just go along the railing until you cannot move further because of an invisible wall. To get past the barrier drop down and hang from the side of the railing. Then move further, climb up and drop off the railing past the invisible barrier. You are now in the scene. For the blitz just stand behind Maria and start tapping the Armed hand button while the scene ends (remember to equip the hidden blade before starting the scene).

Blitzes: For the first blitz the camera view changes in .07 seconds, but Altair is just standing there. The kill animation starts in .14 seconds. For the second blitz the camera view also changes in .07 seconds, but I'm not sure if that's when the kill animation starts (also Altair's health bar appears a frame before the white flash). So I'm not really sure what the correct times are.

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Abu'l Nuqoud Assassination Variety Pack
[From the forums - stabguy]

Here are some assassinations I did on Abu'l Nuquod the merchant king.

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