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Party Cancelled - Abul Nuquod's Early Death

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So it turns out Abul Nuquod can be killed before it should be possible, even though you can't get to him without the memory recording.

For the basic setup watch the original video.
You get in the place by countering a guard through the other side of a wall.

Early Death
After glitching inside the palace the memory starts recording before you reach Abul Nuquod. Walk to the front where you can fall off the roof. There's an invisible barrier that prevents you from going back inside (and in this case also a blue memory wall from being exposed). Walk to the nearest city entrance. You will receive a message that the memory will reinitialize if you leave the city. Going further will refresh the memory and allow you to regain high profile actions. So run back to the palace. Guess who is strolling out the side door? Abul, and maybe one of his bodyguards (I've done this only twice, so I don't know the chances). The game doesn't delete them when you reinitialize the memory, probably because they don't appear until the memory starts recording (actually you can see the bodyguards on the balcony from outside the front door, so it's probably based on distance until the memory starts recording). The palace is empty, and there is no target on the map. Even after killing Abul Nuquod you still have to start the mission again.

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Great, ghost mode is now a technique, as opposed to a glitch for one mission. Laughing out loud

Great work as always. I think this might work on Majd as well. Nearest city gate would be the one near the informer mission.


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At Where else?
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I have tried this before, but since I didn't run directly to the palace I missed him. So it helps to double check things. Now there are just a few targets that haven't been killed early.
1. Tamir: He seems to appear near the beginning of the scene, but he might be prestaged in a wall.
2. Talal: He might be prestaged in the warehouse. I've looked inside from the windows, but haven't seen him.
3. Majd: Possibly prestaged in the building he comes out from.
There's also an eavesdrop mission where Sibrand appears. He might be prestaged in a building.
Cheat engine could help determine whether these targets are prestaged or not.

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You are so clever. Seriously, it amazes how your mind works this stuff out.