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Early Death

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Sibrand Isn't Paranoid Enough (Early Death)
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An early death on Sibrand, made possible by glitching out of the city and restarting the mission. For those not familiar with this exploit watch the original video.

Early Death
Since the game knows you started the assassination mission Sibrand is already on ship before you start the cutscene. Getting to him is another matter entirely since he appears back at the scene location if you enter the shipyard directly. So enter it from the south wall by the way shown in the video. There are some guards along the way that can easily detect you, so be careful (or fight them all off like I did). Before you reach the ship Sibrand gets on the docks nearby. He seems to just walk back and forth along it. Killing him results in the memory corridor scene.

Getting out of the city after the assassination is trickier in Acre than in Jerusalem since Acre has two closed gates at the entrance. So I used a different method. I did the save citizen mission outside of Acre and gentle pushed the citizen all the way to the bureau, then started the mission. Then I moved the citizen all the way to the cutscene and afterward to the target. After assassinating Sibrand I talked to the saved citizen, which resulted in saving the game. Then I desynchronized. When I respawned it was outside of Acre. Saving the game by a talking to a save citizen results in spawning where the save citizen mission started.

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William's Instant Kills and King Richard's Death
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So I went back to find more things in King Richard's Citadel just prior to the scene in memory block four. And I'm glad I did, because I found a much easier way to get in there, as well as some interesting discoveries.

Easy Infiltration

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Jubair al Hakim's Early Death
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Like the title says, the early death of Jubair right before you are supposed to kill him.

Infiltrating the Madrasah Al-Kallasah
This is easy if you know how to do it. Have some guards chase you onto the roof. Then drop down to the door on the south side of the building. Engage in combat with the guards there. After a little while the guards on the roof will come down to the ground from inside the building. Since this is the only time in the game that the door is closed the guards' ai thinks they can go through. They will attack you through the door, which gives an opportunity to glitch inside by counter attacking. You need to be in combat with the guards outside since you can't lock onto the guards inside. Countering can be a little tricky because you might not be able to see the guards attack until it's too late.

Jubair's Early Death
Once you get inside you will find Jubair and the other scholars in the northwest corner of the building. They pretty much stay in the spot where they are (even grabbing and throwing won't move them). At the front of them are Jubair and the scholar he talks with during the scene. Now for pre-killing Jubair and/or the scholars. I've tried different killing combinations, each with their own results. First I killed everyone except the scholar Jubair talks with. Now for the scene... Levitating books?! Even the scholar I didn't kill doesn't appear for the scene, and the scene itself somehow won't end (when I had first originally done this I killed everyone and the scene ends as normal). Now I'll try killing just Jubair. You can identify him from the other scholars by the pouch he wears. Here's the problem with killing just him: You are exposed by the scholars, and the scene cannot start until you become anonymous. So glitch back outside the building the same way you came in. Lock onto one of the scholars so you are in combat and counter attack a guard who is outside. Then get far enough away that you escape the scholars and become anonymous (I had tried using a hiding spot but couldn't get out of it). Now for the scene... Wait, why is the scholar dead instead of Jubair?! When the scene ends you fail the mission as though the target had escaped. Now this is weird, the blade's low profile kill animation on the scholar is the same as on a target. Also one time I killed just the scholar and he still appeared in the scene as well as Jubair, but I failed the mission right after the scene ended. It's as though he is a copy of Jubair, and killing one of them affects the other. That's a very interesting thing in the game that can only be answered by Ubisoft.

Instant Kill
I wanted to try an automatic kill on Jubair like what I did with Garnier.
However I couldn't reanimate him because he can't be moved from the place he is. So I theorized it could be possible just by taking down his health with fists, since being knocked out isn't quite the same as being dead. Well it worked, but in a way that I didn't expect to happen. After I climbed up to start the scene and the dialogue appeared, "ancestor's memory synchronized recording..." Altair teleported to ground assassinate Jubair, causing the memory corridor scene to start. This is probably the only time in an AC game that a memory corridor scene has started before it should. It seems the game recognizes Jubair as a target when the scene starts. Afterwards the scene is cancelled. The invisible barriers are still there that prevent you from leaving, so I glitch my way through one of them by grasping a ledge. You aren't under city alert as you normally would, but can still complete the memory.

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Al Mualim's Early Death
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For the original setup of how to do this watch Robert de Sable's Early Death.

The gate to Masyaf is closed after you reenter it during the attack in memory block one. When you get far enough away it disappears and is replaced with the original gate. The concept of this is "there is no spoon", and there are other examples of this in the AC games.

While doing this I discovered a few things. First off you can attack Robert off his horse. He is now in a stand up position but still can't be grabbed. Another thing is the assassin hostage the templars killed is still alive (can't believe I never noticed him during my first recording). But back on to Al Mualim. After you make the gate disappear go inside Masyaf. Al Mualim still stands where he was for the previous scene. Move him by gentle pushing or running/jumping at him. Notice how falling doesn't kill him. I have a little fun with placing the two targets together. You are unable to assassinate Al Mualim with the hidden blade, and he doesn't take any damage from weapons which means the only way to kill him is with throwing him into water. Then I kill Robert and continue on with the game to see if anything has changed. During this I discovered the assassin hostage reacted to Altair assassinating Robert, and when I lock onto him it gives combat options on the HUD. Also the two assassins in the leap of faith area are suspicious of Altair. In the next scene Robert is still dead with no one riding his horse. I also included something else in this video. If you move Robert he will fall through the ground at a certain point. Then Altair's health drops to zero and he desynchronizes. If your wondering why it's because when you kill targets by throwing them into water it says "target escaped" on the screen.

The game developers didn't want you to be able to kill targets with water since you had to be right where the target was when he died (in AC1 at least). It's interesting to know that this mechanic is part of a target's programming instead of being a part of the assassination missions.

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Robert de Sable's Early Death
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This video is based entirely upon a glitch reported by Bookeroo on Gamefaqs, Robert Killed In First Memory Block *Spoilers*.
He reported a glitch in memory block one where he fell through a wall, which allowed him to get to Robert de Sables. This video confirms everything he said except I found another way to get to Robert. I start off with an area exploit. Before you reach the room where you activate a trap jump from the structure on the wall and grasp a ledge on the side. You have to jump at a certain angle which allows you to slip past the corner of the wall. It also requires luck since you don't always land in the same place. Once you grasp the ledge move to the side and there are surfaces to move on. To avoid falling off the edges of narrow surfaces use the grab action. If done right you will eventually move up to where the invisible barrier wall ends and can land inside Masyaf. Here are the things said in the gamefaqs topic that have been confirmed in the video.
1. The social status indicator flashed red.
2. You can assassinate Robert de Sable. The animation I performed was low profile done on targets (so I guess this Robert has the same AI as the one in Arsuf, except for fighting you). Too bad I can't ride his horse.
3. After the assassination the sync bar turns red just like in regular assassinations where you are under city alert, but the guards don't try to fight me.
4. After leaving Masyaf and returning the camera angle moves from the leap of faith spot to you. It's kind of like when you restart from that checkpoint, when the assassin complains about his broken leg.
5. After returning Robert isn't there anymore, but most of his men are. The door to the fortress is now open. The assassins on the roof are also still there, except for Al mualim. And the assassins in the leap of faith area aren't there either.
6. Continuing by activating the trap will cause Robert to reappear for the scene.
7. An extra thing I included was proving that the wall where you activate the trap isn't solid. I managed to reach that place early in the game and show what the glitch would have probably looked like.

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Garnier de Naplouse Preassassination
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It is possible to get inside Garnier de Naplouse's hospital before you can assassinate him using an exploit. You can get in the broken window by superjumping there (a long range jump). To do this you need a character to air assassinate. So lead a guard to a certain spot and kill him without doing any kill animations. He will still be alive for a short time on the ground, and you can kill him with your hidden blade only. During this time he can be reanimated. To do this find a structure to air assassinate him from. Stand on the other side of the structure, lock on and attempt to assassinate him.

You will bump into the floor of the structure which will cause the air assassinate to fail, but the guard will stand up again and start to walk. He will be unresponsive and won't be affected by gravity which will cause him to airwalk in a straight line. Use this as a way to get in the hospital by trying to get a guard to airwalk to the broken window. I'm not sure if anyone else has found out this exploit (I haven't seen it on youtube so I'm assuming no one has). Once inside the hospital you will find Garnier and two other guards standing by the door. If you kill them they will stay dead for the scene and even afterward. With Garnier already dead there's no way to assassinate him without restarting.

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William of Montferrat Preassassination
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A preassassination on William is possible using the same method as the one for the superfast blitz. But this time jump to the other railing (aim your jump by facing the post with the camera and jumping forward), get to the end, jump to the scaffold and grab on (make sure Altair is never in an upright position when you are doing this or you can't do any high profile actions and the scene will start). Then climb to the other scaffold and jump sideways to grab on to a higher part of it. Jump from that to a balcony, then to a beam, then to a plank. You are so high up that the scene won't start. Now you just need to climb inside the fortress where you will meet William and his men (too bad King Richard and the horsemen weren't in there). It gets a little glitchy as you can see with them appearing and disappearing. When you kill William it does the kill animation for targets and afterward you hear the phrase "close the gates", which is a game script for killing William. However there is no scene since William is not identified as a target by the game yet. After the scene it gets more glitched since you can't move through the invisible wall that's still there and you can't do any high profile actions.

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