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Garnier de Naplouse Preassassination

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It is possible to get inside Garnier de Naplouse's hospital before you can assassinate him using an exploit. You can get in the broken window by superjumping there (a long range jump). To do this you need a character to air assassinate. So lead a guard to a certain spot and kill him without doing any kill animations. He will still be alive for a short time on the ground, and you can kill him with your hidden blade only. During this time he can be reanimated. To do this find a structure to air assassinate him from. Stand on the other side of the structure, lock on and attempt to assassinate him.

You will bump into the floor of the structure which will cause the air assassinate to fail, but the guard will stand up again and start to walk. He will be unresponsive and won't be affected by gravity which will cause him to airwalk in a straight line. Use this as a way to get in the hospital by trying to get a guard to airwalk to the broken window. I'm not sure if anyone else has found out this exploit (I haven't seen it on youtube so I'm assuming no one has). Once inside the hospital you will find Garnier and two other guards standing by the door. If you kill them they will stay dead for the scene and even afterward. With Garnier already dead there's no way to assassinate him without restarting.
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Instant kill:
A superfast kill is possible on Garnier when you reanimate him. This is because when you reanimate him you take out all his health so that he's dead standing up. As soon as the scene ends and you can do high profile actions you will teleport to kill Garnier since that automatically happens when you take out all of a target's health. Simply killing him before the scene won't work since he will be inanimate.

And also if you move Garnier before the scene he will teleport back when the doors open. The two guards that grab the patient during the scene are prestaged and can be killed before the scene.

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That is a pretty spectacular exploit, Aurel. Congratulations on your discovery. Laughing out loud

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I do so believe that you have gained THB All-Star status at this point. Amazing!

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as i said earlier... finest work ever. and about damn time Smile

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Really nice work! I've been looking forward to this, as you know. Tongue


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