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William of Montferrat Preassassination

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A preassassination on William is possible using the same method as the one for the superfast blitz. But this time jump to the other railing (aim your jump by facing the post with the camera and jumping forward), get to the end, jump to the scaffold and grab on (make sure Altair is never in an upright position when you are doing this or you can't do any high profile actions and the scene will start). Then climb to the other scaffold and jump sideways to grab on to a higher part of it. Jump from that to a balcony, then to a beam, then to a plank. You are so high up that the scene won't start. Now you just need to climb inside the fortress where you will meet William and his men (too bad King Richard and the horsemen weren't in there). It gets a little glitchy as you can see with them appearing and disappearing. When you kill William it does the kill animation for targets and afterward you hear the phrase "close the gates", which is a game script for killing William. However there is no scene since William is not identified as a target by the game yet. After the scene it gets more glitched since you can't move through the invisible wall that's still there and you can't do any high profile actions.

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I just wish William stayed dead for the scene. It's probably because the game couldn't handle all those characters so they kept appearing and disappearing (and where was King Richard?). I wonder if things would go differently if I tried something else like knocking William out.

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Very creative use of the glitch used in the superfast blitz. Good job!


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