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Carnefice Assassination Variety Pack
[Front paged - stabguy]

Carnefice is the first main target of the game in sequence 2 memory 2. I was hoping to get some more creative assassinations of him but these will have to do.

Poetic Justice: During the mission I noticed the character sweeping on the executioner's stage (he's there only during daytime sequences), so I thought to myself what if I... I also added to the challenge by remaining unseen until the kill animation. Getting the broom to the roof of the building is a little tricky as it relies on luck, so you might have to try more than once to get it up there. I hope this is a good example of poetic justice because you're using the same broom that was used to clean the executioner's bloodied stage to spill the executioner's blood. I also like the in-your-face kill and how it turned out. And I'm not just talking about the kill animation.

Delaying the Memory Corridor Scene: This can be considered a preassassination. Carnefice isn't marked as a target until you reach a checkpoint. I use ranged attacks to kill some guards and lure Carnefice to me while standing a safe distance away from the checkpoint. When I kill Carnefice it results in a non story assassination. However when I activate the checkpoint after that the memory corridor scene starts and I complete the mission.

There is No Cliff: For this assassination I also delay in activating the checkpoint. I lead Carnefice to a nearby cliff and escape his detection. Then I activate the checkpoint. Since he didn't detect me after the checkpoint I can go far away from him without having to worry about failing the mission. I guessed that the cliff was harder to model in the game and would disappear at some distance. This was the first time I tried this and it all worked out well except for when the game froze for a second. Also notice that at ninety meters he starts falling (indicated by an arrow pointing down).

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place Assassination Variety Pack
[Belatedly front-paged by stabguy]

The mission Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a story mission in sequence 3 memory 2. In it you destroy a Borgia tower and renovate the mercenaries headquarters. It starts out with a Borgia captain running away to the tower. You have to kill him before he reaches it or you fail the mission. All in all this mission seems better designed than some of the main assassinations. Here are some creative assassinations.

Longshot: I try to kill the target from as far away as possible with the hidden gun (the game doesn't track how far away he is from you so I put a map marker on him). Usually the mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, but sometimes it can go one or two more meters without desynchronizing. In the video he is exactly fifty meters away when I shoot, then fifty two meters right afterward.

Dynamic Stunt: I run ahead and wait at the edge of a cliff for the target. When he passes by I jump off and assassinate him. I'm careful to stay within forty nine meters so that the mission doesn't fail.

Mini Air Assassination Stunt: Very similar to the dynamic stunt. I wait on the top of the corner railing for the target (sorry that a tree blocks view of Ezio). I jump to the platform of a lift and perform a mini air assassination when the target is in range.

Tripwire: Since the target takes a predictable path there are many opportunities to get him with manually aiming the hidden gun in his path. I choose to get him at the very end of his path, at the entrance of the tower.

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Serial Offender Assassination Variety Pack
[Front-paged by stabguy]

The Serial Offender mission is a memory where you assassinate a doctor. This memory is part of the storyline in sequence four. After the scene that starts the mission the doctor appears in place in front of a doctor shop. He just stands there and won't move unless you either do the mission the way it was intended by following where the courtesans are pointing or locking on to him. I'm not the first person to have discovered this, but I did discover it independently.

The Fast Route: This is the quickest way to assassinate the target. Dougie's lightning It can probably be done a little faster, but I was just showing an example.

Tripwire: For this you want the target to run a certain route. I lock on to him from the opposite direction to make him run there. When he starts running climb up the building but don't run ahead of him or he will turn back. I aim from a small platform (since the gun is level to the target's head the timing has to be just right).

49 Meters: The mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, so I get a long shot with the hidden gun. I climb to the top of a high building to get a clear view of the target (because if there is anything blocking the targets view the shot misses).

Stunts: I perform two stunts, one near where I perform the tripwire assassination, and the other from the same building where I did the 49 meter shot (during that I accidentally jump in a haystack).

Poetic Justice in the Form of a Mysterious Death: A mysterious death is very easy for this mission, but I did it mostly for the sake of poetic justice. I tried to increase the challenge by being notorious. I also took the same path that I took for the fast route instead of taking a route that would have avoided any enemies. It's poetic justice because of how I used a doctor's tool against the doctor. I purposely used up all my poisons so that I would have to buy the poison from the doctor standing behind the target (yes yes, it looks like I bought the poison from the target himself). Cash

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Down To Earth Assassination Variety Pack
[Front-paged by stabguy]

Down To Earth is a templar agent mission where you go after a woman's husband who pushes people off rooftops. The target runs away as soon as you are able to lock onto him.

Tripwire and easter egg: For my first assassination I show an easter egg, a dead body placed next to a building (presumably pushed off the building by the target). For the tripwire assassination I climb up the awning on the building. Then I move the camera to face the target who starts to run away (Ezio doesn't move at all during this) and bring out my gun. From where you are the target will jump right in front of you, landing on the tripwire. Laughing out loud

Kill him where he is: For this assassination I'm on a building that's level with the target's. Then I move the left analog stick in his direction and throw knives manually. The target doesn't die until after he falls. Also since he isn't considered a target yet the memory corridor is skipped but you still complete the mission.

49 Meters: At 50 meters from the target you fail the mission. I manipulate the target's flee route so that I can get a clear shot at him with the hidden gun before it desynchronizes.

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Basilica di San Pietro Romulus Lair: Flags 99-101

Finally, 101 Borgia Flags collected! I turned Xbox Notifications on in order to record the Capture the Flag Achievement pop-up at the end. I kept my fingers crossed that there wouldn't also be "FLAE has logged in" while recording.

There are three missable cutscenes in this Lair. The first occurs at 0:52 after Ezio enters the Lair. One drunk asks the other, "Did you see that white knight?" You've probably already seen this one. If you jostle one or both of the drunks before opening the trap door, they run off and the cutscene never happens. After Ezio returns from the Lair during story mode, the drunks return for a follow-up cutscene (even if you missed the first one).

The scene after mass at 1:34 can be frustrating. This Lair has a time limit of 8 minutes and we're off like a herd of turtles waiting nearly 2 minutes for the cardinal to leave the room. I don't know of any way to speed up the process so I try to amuse myself to pass the time. You don't need to use Eagle Vision if you instead get up close to the target, so that's the first thing I do. The cardinal pauses two or three times while making his rounds, but not always in the same places. It's okay to poison the guard at 3:15 because he's still alive when the next cutscene begins.

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"New Man In Town" Eagle Strike and Stunt

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[Promoted to the front page -stabguy]

Hello guys, after many months without making AC videos i finally made a new one... i hope you'll enjoy it Smile

In this video i show an Eagle Strike and a Stunt Assassination on the Borgia Captain. He will have two guards guarding the entryway to where he is located. Get on a roof from the opposite side and take them out using some throwing knives. Then climb the Borgia Tower and get on the wooden platform (0:42). Once the two guards are dead, the target will go out few times to inspect the area.

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Colosseo Romulus Lair: Flags 96-98

This is my favorite Lair because it has a little of everything: a fight, a chase, an underground jubilee(?), and horses that actually gallop!

At 1:45 I break my own rule and use a Throwing Knife. If instead you approach the man seated in the chair, Ezio reaches for his shoulder causing him to jump up swinging a knife and tossing the chair aside. He then joins five others in the subsequent fight against Ezio. I wanted to demonstrate that using a ranged weapon skips this cutscene and that the seated man remains dead during the fight. That was an epic battle right there.

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Palazzo Laterno Romulus Lair: Flags 93-95

This video is rather short because all three flags come early in the Lair - before entering the basilica. You get 100% Sync for not losing more than one health square. There's nobody to fight, so as long as you don't suffer a fall of more than 8 meters (or 12 meters with the Break-Fall move) you're golden.

The sequence I want to talk about begins at 2:38. There are two uneven bars to your left from which Ezio can swing. Players who are worried about losing health may use them to gently reach the ballroom floor. I bypassed them and jumped down from the balcony rail. As long as you use Break-Fall (hold Up while landing) you won't sustain any damage.

From here there are several ways to reach flag #94. The path I chose was direct but has this spot where Ezio gets stuck at 2:51. You can either wiggle out of it (run upstairs then across the top stair) or jump forward as shown in the video.

There are three Borgia Flags inside each Lair. If you are looking for a specific Flag refer to this index:
Flag 93 - 1:48
Flag 94 - 2:51
Flag 95 - 3:48

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Cesare and Micheletto Preassassination
[Front-paged - stabguy]

This is a continuation of a video where I prevent a scene from happening in Calling All Stand-ins memory. In this video I preassassinate Cesare and Micheletto.

Cesare: His AI is programmed to back away from you (because of the mercenaries fighting and you probably have to get in open conflict). Use this to lead him to where there is water. When you get there you can't make him back into the water so you have to grab someone and move that person at Cesare to push him into the water. You can probably also use a horse to push Cesare.

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Piramide Cestia Romulus Lair: Flags 90-92

This is another Lair where you get 100% Sync for completing it in under 8 minutes. The key observation for doing a speed run is that the shortest path is illuminated by torches. Whenever you come to a fork in the road, remember to "follow the light".

Once again it's possible to collect all three Borgia flags and get full sync on the same run. When I collected flag #92 there was over three and a half minutes remaining on the clock. That's plenty of time to climb the cross, fight the followers of Romulus, and enter the shrine. When it comes to the fight scene, I recommend (quickly) fighting everyone. You can ignore them and make a mad dash for the shrine but you risk getting hit and falling back down to the floor. Better to play it safe and kill them all. Evil

The first major shortcut I took in this video is at 2:24. I manually lined up the jump and proceeded directly to the exit. If you do it right, Ezio actually rolls out the door. If you're off the mark, try doing a Catch Ledge. There's a safer and obvious free running route but it's kind of slow. My other shortcut starts at 4:02. Most players climb the barrels on the right and parkour across all the platforms in this L-shaped room. None of that is necessary.

There are three Borgia Flags inside each Lair. If you are looking for a specific Flag refer to this index:
Flag 90 - 2:19
Flag 91 - 4:22
Flag 92 - 5:51

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