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Down To Earth Assassination Variety Pack

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Down To Earth is a templar agent mission where you go after a woman's husband who pushes people off rooftops. The target runs away as soon as you are able to lock onto him.

Tripwire and easter egg: For my first assassination I show an easter egg, a dead body placed next to a building (presumably pushed off the building by the target). For the tripwire assassination I climb up the awning on the building. Then I move the camera to face the target who starts to run away (Ezio doesn't move at all during this) and bring out my gun. From where you are the target will jump right in front of you, landing on the tripwire. Laughing out loud

Kill him where he is: For this assassination I'm on a building that's level with the target's. Then I move the left analog stick in his direction and throw knives manually. The target doesn't die until after he falls. Also since he isn't considered a target yet the memory corridor is skipped but you still complete the mission.

49 Meters: At 50 meters from the target you fail the mission. I manipulate the target's flee route so that I can get a clear shot at him with the hidden gun before it desynchronizes.

Turkey Shoot Assassination: The target is unresponsive until you reach him. I use this as an opportunity to move him for an assassination with the hidden blade. Since I can't move him myself I use a nearby group of thieves. Hire the thieves and have them follow you to the target. Then climb around on the building to have them follow you there (I edit a lot of this out to save time). Once they are on the building go to the lower part of it (by the awning). The thieves might go there by jumping off the roof, which will knock the target off if you are standing in the right spot. You will hear the target scream if he gets knocked off which is your only warning to get out of there. Luckily the fall to the lower part isn't high enough to kill the target. I make sure to shield myself from the target at all times to avoid him fleeing. I assassinate him right before he can run away which results in him disappearing during the kill animation. I also show a better view of the target when he falls.

Poetic Justice: The target killed people by pushing them off roofs, so it's only fair that we do the same. I have two examples. One is simply jumping at him before he can get off the roof. The other is punching him off the roof (notice how close he lands to the dead body easter egg?). Rob's applause

Dead Body Easter Egg Glitch: Here's a glitch that happened while I was recording. A character was standing right on the dead body that is placed there for the mission. At first I thought it was some random civilian. However the character is immune to death (reanimated after kill animations). I'm guessing that the game spawned two characters for the mission, one of which was still animated. Shock

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I once was at a Borgia tower when the immune to death glitch happened to me. The captain and all of his guards could not die. I kept "killing" them for almost an hour. They would never attack me, either, which made it much more fun. They did like to stare at me and make comments about my hood, though.

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Why thanks. When you say "random citizen abuse" did you mean the citizen was random or the abuse? Because I think he's a clone of the dead body (he has nearly the same modeling as the dead body and it would explain why he can't die). I hope that glitch happens again so that I can fill him with heavy/long weapons. Evil

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Brilliant!!! I'd never considered Lanz to be an especially interesting target but how wrong can you be?!

Loved the random citizen abuse at the end, I'd never get tired of that Evil

previously massmurder.