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Turkey Shoot

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Ercole Massimo - The Da Vinci Disappearance

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A Splitting Headache - Pre-assassination
This clip is related to the "Migraine Collection", where Cesare Borgia is killed by a thrown heavy weapon before the developers had intended his scripted death. In the case of Ercole Massimo, the developers had intended for you to fight past a group of Hermeticists in a pit, and then assassinate a cowering Ercole in an uninspiring, scripted kill. That's too boring for The Hidden Blade...

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Down To Earth Assassination Variety Pack
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Down To Earth is a templar agent mission where you go after a woman's husband who pushes people off rooftops. The target runs away as soon as you are able to lock onto him.

Tripwire and easter egg: For my first assassination I show an easter egg, a dead body placed next to a building (presumably pushed off the building by the target). For the tripwire assassination I climb up the awning on the building. Then I move the camera to face the target who starts to run away (Ezio doesn't move at all during this) and bring out my gun. From where you are the target will jump right in front of you, landing on the tripwire. Laughing out loud

Kill him where he is: For this assassination I'm on a building that's level with the target's. Then I move the left analog stick in his direction and throw knives manually. The target doesn't die until after he falls. Also since he isn't considered a target yet the memory corridor is skipped but you still complete the mission.

49 Meters: At 50 meters from the target you fail the mission. I manipulate the target's flee route so that I can get a clear shot at him with the hidden gun before it desynchronizes.

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Cesare Borgia - The Migraine Collection

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Since thrown heavy weapons cause instant death, the developers intentionally made Cesare impervious to this type of attack in combat. Thrown heavy weapons bounce off of him and then fall to the ground. You can circumvent this when you are not in open combat with Cesare, which happens automatically if you are more than 15 meters away from him. Thankfully, there's just enough room on the castle wall to pull this off.

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Waypoint Separation on Juan Borgia The Banker
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The Banker Juan Borgia can be turkey shooted by waypoint separation. To do this first kill the guards in the area to avoid detection. Then lure the Banker with a dead body to the edge of the ruins right above a haystack (you can either throw money and kill the character there or carry a dead body to that spot). Throw a smoke bomb to avoid being detected by the Banker, grab him, and drop him right over the edge above the haystack. If done correctly he will fall into the haystack, which will prevent from him taking any damage. He will no longer move since his waypoint is up in the ruins, and although that isn't far away he would have to walk around to the other side to get up there.

Eagle Strike After Waypoint Separation: Even after Waypoint Separation the target can be lured to places with dead bodies. I do an eagle strike from the top of one of the pillars (sorry if it wasn't fast enough).

Waypoint Separation Stunt: This is simply doing a stunt assassination where the Banker stands after the turkey shoot. I get as close as I can get without accidentally doing a leap of faith and perform a sideways jump.

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Templar Agent: Firing Range Variety Pack.

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ive always wanted to do a variety pack, and here it is!! Give me some feedback as its my first variety pack, and im pretty proud of it

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