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There is no Spoon

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"Honor, Lost and Won" - Stunts & Observations

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I knew a same theme on this forums, but I always unable to watch it, and I don't know what's differences between my video and that one. So I decided to make this.

In addition, I have tried many times Long Shot, which has a very close, but I messed up because I forgot to taken his health to a minimum, so that shot is not enough to kill him.

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Carnefice Assassination Variety Pack
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Carnefice is the first main target of the game in sequence 2 memory 2. I was hoping to get some more creative assassinations of him but these will have to do.

Poetic Justice: During the mission I noticed the character sweeping on the executioner's stage (he's there only during daytime sequences), so I thought to myself what if I... I also added to the challenge by remaining unseen until the kill animation. Getting the broom to the roof of the building is a little tricky as it relies on luck, so you might have to try more than once to get it up there. I hope this is a good example of poetic justice because you're using the same broom that was used to clean the executioner's bloodied stage to spill the executioner's blood. I also like the in-your-face kill and how it turned out. And I'm not just talking about the kill animation.

Delaying the Memory Corridor Scene: This can be considered a preassassination. Carnefice isn't marked as a target until you reach a checkpoint. I use ranged attacks to kill some guards and lure Carnefice to me while standing a safe distance away from the checkpoint. When I kill Carnefice it results in a non story assassination. However when I activate the checkpoint after that the memory corridor scene starts and I complete the mission.

There is No Cliff: For this assassination I also delay in activating the checkpoint. I lead Carnefice to a nearby cliff and escape his detection. Then I activate the checkpoint. Since he didn't detect me after the checkpoint I can go far away from him without having to worry about failing the mission. I guessed that the cliff was harder to model in the game and would disappear at some distance. This was the first time I tried this and it all worked out well except for when the game froze for a second. Also notice that at ninety meters he starts falling (indicated by an arrow pointing down).

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Baron de Valois - Assassination Variety Pack

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Anonymous Blitz
Move quickly between pillars so that guards cannot see you continuously. This buys you a few precious moments to approach the Baron for the kill.

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