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Sequence 2

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New Man in Town Assassination Variety Pack
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Early Death
The Borgia captain appears at the beginning of the memory, but memory walls prevent you from getting to him. So hire a group of mercenaries, get as far into the memory wall as you can without desynchronizing, and send the mercenaries on a patrol of guards that walk around that area when you get the chance. If they fight close enough to the Borgia captain, he will join the fight and hopefully get killed. An easier way to do this is to first start the mission. The memory wall is no longer there, but there is a distance limit from Machiavelli. Move him closer to the captain's location and run there (Machiavelli stops moving when you are a certain distance from him). Now you can kill the Borgia captain like you normally would during the mission.

Result of the Early Death
What happens if you kill the captain early? The game recognizes the Borgia captain getting killed, and you can complete the memory normally. After the cutscene prior to the assassination the next cutscene starts (exactly the way it happened in the video, none of that was edited).

The fastest way to get the target as far as I know is to run directly to him. It's a bit harder that it looks in the video. First, there might be some civilians in the way, which messes up the blitz. The other hard part is at the end. You want to run in between the posted guard and the wall. Now for whether the blitz is anonymous. When I get to the target, his SSI arrow is completely red, but I still appear to be anonymous. During the kill animation the arrow disappears, but I'm detected. I think the blitz was anonymous.

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Carnefice Assassination Variety Pack
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Carnefice is the first main target of the game in sequence 2 memory 2. I was hoping to get some more creative assassinations of him but these will have to do.

Poetic Justice: During the mission I noticed the character sweeping on the executioner's stage (he's there only during daytime sequences), so I thought to myself what if I... I also added to the challenge by remaining unseen until the kill animation. Getting the broom to the roof of the building is a little tricky as it relies on luck, so you might have to try more than once to get it up there. I hope this is a good example of poetic justice because you're using the same broom that was used to clean the executioner's bloodied stage to spill the executioner's blood. I also like the in-your-face kill and how it turned out. And I'm not just talking about the kill animation.

Delaying the Memory Corridor Scene: This can be considered a preassassination. Carnefice isn't marked as a target until you reach a checkpoint. I use ranged attacks to kill some guards and lure Carnefice to me while standing a safe distance away from the checkpoint. When I kill Carnefice it results in a non story assassination. However when I activate the checkpoint after that the memory corridor scene starts and I complete the mission.

There is No Cliff: For this assassination I also delay in activating the checkpoint. I lead Carnefice to a nearby cliff and escape his detection. Then I activate the checkpoint. Since he didn't detect me after the checkpoint I can go far away from him without having to worry about failing the mission. I guessed that the cliff was harder to model in the game and would disappear at some distance. This was the first time I tried this and it all worked out well except for when the game froze for a second. Also notice that at ninety meters he starts falling (indicated by an arrow pointing down).

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"New Man In Town" Eagle Strike and Stunt

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Hello guys, after many months without making AC videos i finally made a new one... i hope you'll enjoy it Smile

In this video i show an Eagle Strike and a Stunt Assassination on the Borgia Captain. He will have two guards guarding the entryway to where he is located. Get on a roof from the opposite side and take them out using some throwing knives. Then climb the Borgia Tower and get on the wooden platform (0:42). Once the two guards are dead, the target will go out few times to inspect the area.

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Terme di Traiano Romulus Lair: Flags 84-86

To replay this Lair of Romulus, go to the DNA strand and select Sequence 2, Memory 7 ("The Halls of Nero").

There are three Borgia Flags inside each Lair. If you are looking for a specific Flag refer to this index:
Flag 84 - 2:47
Flag 85 - 5:40
Flag 86 - 8:42

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The first Eagle Strike of Brotherhood! (Stunt assassination + Setup)
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Yes! It's not great but I think its great lol.
This is done on the 1st assassination mission in the game

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