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New Man in Town Assassination Variety Pack

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Early Death
The Borgia captain appears at the beginning of the memory, but memory walls prevent you from getting to him. So hire a group of mercenaries, get as far into the memory wall as you can without desynchronizing, and send the mercenaries on a patrol of guards that walk around that area when you get the chance. If they fight close enough to the Borgia captain, he will join the fight and hopefully get killed. An easier way to do this is to first start the mission. The memory wall is no longer there, but there is a distance limit from Machiavelli. Move him closer to the captain's location and run there (Machiavelli stops moving when you are a certain distance from him). Now you can kill the Borgia captain like you normally would during the mission.

Result of the Early Death
What happens if you kill the captain early? The game recognizes the Borgia captain getting killed, and you can complete the memory normally. After the cutscene prior to the assassination the next cutscene starts (exactly the way it happened in the video, none of that was edited).

The fastest way to get the target as far as I know is to run directly to him. It's a bit harder that it looks in the video. First, there might be some civilians in the way, which messes up the blitz. The other hard part is at the end. You want to run in between the posted guard and the wall. Now for whether the blitz is anonymous. When I get to the target, his SSI arrow is completely red, but I still appear to be anonymous. During the kill animation the arrow disappears, but I'm detected. I think the blitz was anonymous.

Cloning the Borgia Captain
The Templar cloning glitch from AC1 is back! Let the Borgia captain detect you, and lead him away from the area. Then escape his detection. Returning back to the area, you will find another Borgia captain.
Here's how it works: The original captain won't be marked on the map, but will still have the emblem of a Borgia captain above his head. The other captain is the one marked on the map (I've tried seeing if I could get three Borgia captains, but that hasn't worked). You need to kill the original captain to complete the mission.
How I discovered this glitch: After sending a group of thieves on him, the target disappears after being fifty five or fifty six meters away from you, and spawns back at the location. Sometimes he doesn't disappear and is cloned. The way shown in the video is much more reliable.

Renovation Glitch
The point of Borgia towers is controlling areas. When you defeat the captains and ignite the towers you take back the areas and can renovate shops/landmarks. So why can you renovate the stables when it shouldn't be possible? It even contradicts what Machiavelli says in the scene prior to the assassination.

I hope you all enjoyed the video. I did plan a few more things for it, but I spent a long time on it, and I can record for only so long before I decide enough is enough.

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Good job! Have you tried throwing the second Borgia captain into the scaffold and see if it'd net you 100% sync?


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The game doesn't autosave when you kill the second captain like it does for the first, so it wouldn't matter (but I think I did throw him into the scaffold once). A few other things I was going to record:
A longshot when the target chases after thieves. Sometimes they run a path that gives me a clear shot.
A possible stunt from the roof of the building, when the captain leaves his spot to inspect dead bodies and search hiding places.
A point blank thrown weapon when the captain spawns back.
Anyone want to record that, go ahead.