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Early Death

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Juan Borgia The Banker's Early Death
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Early Death
After the Banker appears in the memory he walks to the party. He can be scared into running away. Chase after him for a good distance. When you get within a few meters he stops. The target is supposed to teleport in place for the scene, but since you are so far away from the scene location he doesn't (probably because the party area isn't modeled in the game from being so far away). Now the only way to kill him is moving him into water. He falls nearly two hundred meters. Here's the thing: If you get about sixty meters away from him horizontally you desynchronize with "target lost". There are probably a few reasons why that's so, but in any case you don't desynch directly from killing him, making it a successful Early Death.

A Hole in One
This took a long time to perform right. Tired Start off by stealthily killing the guards in the area. Then throw their bodies to the ground below to lead to the well nearby.
Now place the target at ground level, as was shown in a previous video, where he can be lured by the dead bodies.
Having the target follow the bodies is tricky. He doesn't seem to notice some of them that much, might have to do with distance and object modeling (or he just takes too long to inspect the bodies). Now for the assassination. A fatally high jump from the top of the nearby pillar will have you safely land in the well to ledge assassinate the Banker. This is A Hole in One, loosely related to Eagle Strike.
It was pioneered by IanXO4.
And used as an assassination style by Stabguy.

I had intended to lure the Banker using dead bodies, but instead chose the easier way of moving him. At the start of the assassination quickly stealth kill all guards that could expose you during the setup. For a short while the Banker is unresponsive and can't detect you. You can grab him without being exposed. Move him to the place shown and release him. You'll need to use a smoke bomb or two to keep him in place long enough to lock onto him. Quickly kill off the archers that can see you and lock onto the target. The distance you desynch at is sixty meters. There is a brief moment before you desynch, so you might succeed at sixty meters, but in this setup from where Ezio is standing the farthest distance the target got was fifty nine meters.

At the beginning of the assassination quickly climb up the roof of the building and kill the archer. Then run off the corner and assassinate the target. If I remember right I got this the first time I tried it. But in this video it happened a little different. In the original try I landed right behind him. But in here I landed to the side of him (good thing I locked on). In both cases I got the stationary high profile animation.

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New Man in Town Assassination Variety Pack
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Early Death
The Borgia captain appears at the beginning of the memory, but memory walls prevent you from getting to him. So hire a group of mercenaries, get as far into the memory wall as you can without desynchronizing, and send the mercenaries on a patrol of guards that walk around that area when you get the chance. If they fight close enough to the Borgia captain, he will join the fight and hopefully get killed. An easier way to do this is to first start the mission. The memory wall is no longer there, but there is a distance limit from Machiavelli. Move him closer to the captain's location and run there (Machiavelli stops moving when you are a certain distance from him). Now you can kill the Borgia captain like you normally would during the mission.

Result of the Early Death
What happens if you kill the captain early? The game recognizes the Borgia captain getting killed, and you can complete the memory normally. After the cutscene prior to the assassination the next cutscene starts (exactly the way it happened in the video, none of that was edited).

The fastest way to get the target as far as I know is to run directly to him. It's a bit harder that it looks in the video. First, there might be some civilians in the way, which messes up the blitz. The other hard part is at the end. You want to run in between the posted guard and the wall. Now for whether the blitz is anonymous. When I get to the target, his SSI arrow is completely red, but I still appear to be anonymous. During the kill animation the arrow disappears, but I'm detected. I think the blitz was anonymous.

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North Gate Area Exploit and Cesare Preassassination
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Another opportunity to kill Cesare before you're supposed to fight him (the third time so far). This also includes an area exploit that makes it possible.

All Roads Lead To...
This is the memory where it takes place in sequence eight. You equip the piece of eden and use it to fight against Cesare's troops while he waits outside the northern gate of the city. There is a cutscene before the fighting and during it you are required to remain in the area.

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Cesare and Micheletto Preassassination
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This is a continuation of a video where I prevent a scene from happening in Calling All Stand-ins memory. In this video I preassassinate Cesare and Micheletto.

Cesare: His AI is programmed to back away from you (because of the mercenaries fighting and you probably have to get in open conflict). Use this to lead him to where there is water. When you get there you can't make him back into the water so you have to grab someone and move that person at Cesare to push him into the water. You can probably also use a horse to push Cesare.

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Micheletto in the Colosseum - Assassination Variety Pack

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I can't think of any other mission in the entire AC series more scripted than this one. I hope this video can bring a little more fun to this mission.

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