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North Gate Area Exploit and Cesare Preassassination

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Another opportunity to kill Cesare before you're supposed to fight him (the third time so far). This also includes an area exploit that makes it possible.

All Roads Lead To...
This is the memory where it takes place in sequence eight. You equip the piece of eden and use it to fight against Cesare's troops while he waits outside the northern gate of the city. There is a cutscene before the fighting and during it you are required to remain in the area.

North Gate Area Exploit
After the fight is over you no longer have to remain in the area. Go west along the wall of the city until you get to the water. Now climb up the wall to the ledge and move along the ledge to the outside of the city. You will pass through memory walls, but won't lose much health. Eventually you will get to land, but it isn't very detailed or solid. Move along a little more and you will get to solid ground. You are now outside the city by the north gate.

Cesare Preassassination
Cesare is waiting outside the gate of the city. When you get to him he isn't affected by the piece of eden, which is the only weapon you can currently equip. So how to kill him? I found a way using tackling and falling. To begin make sure he is within tackling distance from the west side of the wall by the gate. (When you are fighting his troops, Cesare walks back and forth along the gate. When the fight is over he stops where he is. If he isn't within tackling distance you will have to start over) When you attempt to air tackle you slightly move him towards the wall. After doing this enough times and he is right next to the wall I use another method to move him. I climb to the ledge right above Cesare and a little to the side and drop down. Falling on Cesare also moves him. So I move him along the wall to where he will fall to his death. This is a long and painstaking process. I didn't pay attention to exactly how long it took, but it must have taken at least half an hour Crazy , so don't try it unless you REALLY want the satisfaction of killing that target. Afterwards Cesare reappears for a scene.

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Wow. I didn't know that Ubisoft went to that great lengths and render even the outside of the wall and program footholds for Ezio to grab on...

Great exploitation with thinking outside of the box...literally!

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wow, that sure took a lot of work to find out

work appreciated Big smile

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I just can't believe that's the third time Cesare can be preassassinated. That's preposterous! Why three? Why not more? I refuse to make another video unless it's another Cesare preassassination. Evil