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Micheletto Corella

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Cesare and Micheletto Preassassination
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This is a continuation of a video where I prevent a scene from happening in Calling All Stand-ins memory. In this video I preassassinate Cesare and Micheletto.

Cesare: His AI is programmed to back away from you (because of the mercenaries fighting and you probably have to get in open conflict). Use this to lead him to where there is water. When you get there you can't make him back into the water so you have to grab someone and move that person at Cesare to push him into the water. You can probably also use a horse to push Cesare.

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Micheletto in the Colosseum - Assassination Variety Pack

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I can't think of any other mission in the entire AC series more scripted than this one. I hope this video can bring a little more fun to this mission.

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