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Serial Offender Assassination Variety Pack

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The Serial Offender mission is a memory where you assassinate a doctor. This memory is part of the storyline in sequence four. After the scene that starts the mission the doctor appears in place in front of a doctor shop. He just stands there and won't move unless you either do the mission the way it was intended by following where the courtesans are pointing or locking on to him. I'm not the first person to have discovered this, but I did discover it independently.

The Fast Route: This is the quickest way to assassinate the target. Dougie's lightning It can probably be done a little faster, but I was just showing an example.

Tripwire: For this you want the target to run a certain route. I lock on to him from the opposite direction to make him run there. When he starts running climb up the building but don't run ahead of him or he will turn back. I aim from a small platform (since the gun is level to the target's head the timing has to be just right).

49 Meters: The mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, so I get a long shot with the hidden gun. I climb to the top of a high building to get a clear view of the target (because if there is anything blocking the targets view the shot misses).

Stunts: I perform two stunts, one near where I perform the tripwire assassination, and the other from the same building where I did the 49 meter shot (during that I accidentally jump in a haystack).

Poetic Justice in the Form of a Mysterious Death: A mysterious death is very easy for this mission, but I did it mostly for the sake of poetic justice. I tried to increase the challenge by being notorious. I also took the same path that I took for the fast route instead of taking a route that would have avoided any enemies. It's poetic justice because of how I used a doctor's tool against the doctor. I purposely used up all my poisons so that I would have to buy the poison from the doctor standing behind the target (yes yes, it looks like I bought the poison from the target himself). Cash

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Thanks for the zombie doctor tip! Naturally I had to go and find him for some evil fun Evil .

I found that mashing the attack button while holding forward on the control stick could slowly and inefficiently move the doctor around (while also causing Ezio to spazz out rather amusingly). I was trying to move him toward the river so I could toss him in, but after 98 meters - POP! he disappeared.

Oh well. It was a good way to spend an hour (any hour spent not doing laundry is a good hour, right?).

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very well done!

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Thanks, guys. An easy mysterious death would have been lame were it not for the sake of poetic justice. I just wish this was one of the main story assassinations (as well as the templar agents, but the missions would have needed to be better designed). I didn't have the dlc for AC2 so I was looking forward to assassinating a doctor in this game. Although there was that zombie doctor in AC2...

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I really liked how you made it look like you bought the poison from your target.

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It's poetic justice because of how I used a doctor's tool against the doctor.

Yeah, I figured that one out. Tongue

Nicely done!


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