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Between a Rock and a Hard Place Assassination Variety Pack

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The mission Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a story mission in sequence 3 memory 2. In it you destroy a Borgia tower and renovate the mercenaries headquarters. It starts out with a Borgia captain running away to the tower. You have to kill him before he reaches it or you fail the mission. All in all this mission seems better designed than some of the main assassinations. Here are some creative assassinations.

Longshot: I try to kill the target from as far away as possible with the hidden gun (the game doesn't track how far away he is from you so I put a map marker on him). Usually the mission desynchronizes at fifty meters, but sometimes it can go one or two more meters without desynchronizing. In the video he is exactly fifty meters away when I shoot, then fifty two meters right afterward.

Dynamic Stunt: I run ahead and wait at the edge of a cliff for the target. When he passes by I jump off and assassinate him. I'm careful to stay within forty nine meters so that the mission doesn't fail.

Mini Air Assassination Stunt: Very similar to the dynamic stunt. I wait on the top of the corner railing for the target (sorry that a tree blocks view of Ezio). I jump to the platform of a lift and perform a mini air assassination when the target is in range.

Tripwire: Since the target takes a predictable path there are many opportunities to get him with manually aiming the hidden gun in his path. I choose to get him at the very end of his path, at the entrance of the tower.

Sunday Stroll Stunt: Kill the target by climbing the side of the tower and jumping off to assassinate him. This requires a setup because I didn't have enough time to climb the tower and jump before it was too late to assassinate him. So I drag him to the tower and throw him. This gives me more time since the target has to run to a waypoint before going to the tower. Laughing out loud I climb high enough that the height nearly kills Ezio.

Turkey Shoot and Parachute Eagle Strike: I immobilize the target by throwing him off a certain cliff. There is no way he can climb out so he just stands there. Then I climb to the top of the Borgia tower and jump off, activating a parachute. While in the air I lock on to the target, then release the parachute. I grab on to the edge of the platform of the lift and air assassinate him. Sexy

Stylish Horse Blitz: The fast way to kill the target (I don't know if this is the fastest way possible, but it's only an example). I restart on a horse using an exploit (basically kill the Borgia captain while on a horse so that it autosaves, then die and you will restart the mission while on a horse). When the mission starts I jump off the horse to the Borgia captain and assassinate. The result was pretty stylish.

Kill him After He Escapes: When the Borgia captain reaches the tower door he disappears and you fail the mission. However you can still kill him. Attack him right when he gets to the door (not sure if it works with all weapons. Also the few times it has worked was when I was in open conflict). The result is killing an invisible person, although his weapon is still visible, and you can hear his voice.

I also included a few goofs. First off is a failed turkey shoot. After the target is thrown off the cliff he *jumps*
back up. This happened to me twice. Next are some stunt bloopers. The stunts were the most annoying things I recorded because it took a long time to get them right. And it didn't help that a lot of the time character groups and horses blocked the Borgia captain so that he couldn't run. Stare Anyway, here are two bloopers: I accidentally assassinate someone on a horse, Oups and I get shoved by the Borgia captain when I hit the ground. Tongue

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Really fantastic, aurel. All of them are very stylish, even the bloopers! How did you discover the "Kill him after he escapes" one?

"Now you shall get an earful of my beloved sword! Behold, Pillow Talk! Let's rock, baby!"

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LisaMurphy wrote:
How did you discover the "Kill him after he escapes" one?

Well, you know me, I like to mess around with the game a lot. Wink Truthfully I didn't expect it to happen when it did. Also I was disappointed that I couldn't preassassinate him (he is prestaged by the tower but there's memory walls and he is immune to all my ranged attacks. He just walks around and doesn't respond dead bodies or me being in combat. Oh well.) And those stunts took a long time, just wish I could have gotten the stationary high profile animations instead of the usual running high profile ones. But I don't spend that much time trying to get things perfect.