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Upward Mobility Blitz and Stealth Kill
[Front-paged by stabguy]

Upward Mobility is an assassination in sequence 13 Florence. Basically you chase the target while some guards come after you.

The fastest way to kill this target (without even moving!). At the beginning of the assassination mission the target is close enough to lock on to. The game switches your weapon to fists after the cutscene, so you will have to bring up the weapon wheel right away. After that simply lock on and shoot. I did not use throwing knives because Ezio will automatically throw them at the guards coming at him.

Stealth Kill
For this mission you are detected right away. I avoid this by bribing a herald to teleport me away from that spot. Now when I start the mission I am anonymous. However you become detected when you have a clear sight of the target, making it near impossible to kill him while remaining anonymous. I do the next best thing- remain unseen by any guards that are alerted to me. When I am first detected the minimap is yellow, indicating that the alerted guards haven't seen me. Right afterward I blend in with a group of thieves and go into superblend to be hidden. I messed up a little and almost desyncronized, but it all eventually turned out good with an in-your-face assassination that had a nice result. Cool

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Doomsday Assassination Variety Pack
[Front paged - stabguy]

A small variety pack for the Doomsday mission in sequence 13 Florence.

A way to save some time in assassinating is to activate the scene while jumping off the roof. This will have you start the mission from the ground (there is an awning that you will most likely land on instead of hitting the ground. If you hold the left analog stick up you will roll off the awning and onto the ground). There are two different ways I pull off a blitz:
1. I simply run to the target and assassinate. There is a group of guards you run into before reaching the target. I jump past them to avoid running into them. I've tried using smoke bombs to remain anonymous during this, but that has proven too difficult.
2. I throw manually aimed throwing knives. When I jump off the roof to activate the scene I face where the target appears. Unfortunately there are guards in the way which prevents me from killing him superfast. I also get detected for this blitz.

Springloaded Assassination
Air assassinate the target from so high up the animation is fast. Start off by clearing the rooftops of enemies. Then wait for the target to move forward towards the crowd, about the time when he says, "You will sanctify your bodies and spirits." Lock onto him and climb to the roof. The highest you can get him with an air assassination is when running up the cross, you can't get him while hanging from the cross.

Eagle Strike
The highest you can get the target where he walks is from the top of the cross of the building. Wait until he walks to the entrance of the nearby building to jump and grasp the awning right above the entrance. I previously locked onto the target in the hopes that it might make the air assassination faster, but it didn't really help.

Throwing Knives from the Cross
Snipe the target from as high and far away as possible. After locking onto him climb to the side of the cross (you are unable to throw knives from the very top). The farthest you can get him from is right before he enters the nearby building. From this far away you have a great chance of missing, so you will have to rely on some luck.

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Port Authority Blitz
--- front paged by Ian ---
For my first video on the Bonfire of Vanities I improved the blitz on Port Authority mission. Basically I avoid going in the water and instead use a smoke bomb for stealth. This saves some time. As for whether the blitz is anonymous, well, I am detected while performing the air assassination, so I'm not really sure.

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Speedrun in 5:42:16 (in-game timer)

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[Adapted for front page by stabguy. Description copied from Fed981's YouTube channel.]

[UPDATE 4/26/2011: Added links through the end of the game. -stabguy]
Sequence 1 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 2 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 3 - part 1, part 2, part 3
Sequence 4 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 5 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 6 - single part
Present 2 - single part
Sequence 7 - part 1, part 2, part 3
Sequence 8 - part 1, part 2, part 3
Sequence 9 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 10 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 11 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 12 - part 1, part 2
Sequence 13 - part 1, part 2, part 3
Sequence 14 - part 1, part 2, part 3

I thought to do this run in November 2010. The first segment was finished on 2011-02-27 and the last one on 2011-03-26.

I wish to thank firstly my girlfriend for her support during the attempts. I also wish to thank SDA team, especially for the technical problems I had. I thank people on the forum too, for giving me many tips. I also took some tips on several websites: TheHiddenBlade, The Assassin's Creed Wiki, and other things like walkthroughs on YouTube.

The game settings were all at the minimum, including the resolution.

The only rules I fixed were no save warping and no death abuse. Originally the run was planned to be a single-segment run but I finally did it in 18 segments because a single-segment would have been too difficult and too long. As a general comment, I would say that I tried to run as fast as possible but I had sometimes to slow down in order to dodge people in the streets, for instance. Also, I know that in a few moments I could have done quicker but I prefer to be sure, rather than use a random method. For the time, I think that we can trust the in-game timer even though it does not count the time spent outside the Animus. Each segment adds about 5 seconds to the time.

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Francesco de' Pazzi Blitz

--- promoted to front page by Ian ---

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Carlo Grimaldi Assassination Variety Pack

--- promoted to front page by Ian ---

The Carlo Grimaldi assassination is somewhat scripted and linear, so I put as much creativity in this video as possible. Party

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Improved Superfast Blitz on Silvio Barbarico and Dante Moro
[From the forums -stabguy]

Here is my fastest blitz for Silvio and Dante:

Setup Dante: I run up to Dante and engage him in combat. Then I climb into La Arsenale, making sure Dante is still after me. I run far into La Arsenale so that the door and walls at the entrance will not be modeled in the game. This gives Dante a chance to get though. Go back, and if Dante is there grab him. Do not engage him in combat or he will fight you.

I place Dante at the edge of the docks and knock him off with a throwing knife. His drowning will start the scene, and if you are currently in water you won't get teleported to the checkpoint during the scene. The best time to climb up the docks is during the second scene. Where you move depends which way the camera is facing, so the best time to start moving is right after Silvio says "they're going to leave without us" Laughing out loud . Move forward left until the screen turns white to grab onto the docks, then move forward to up climb the docks. Now comes the blitz. The two targets are far apart when they start running, but they get close enough for a double air assassination when they get in place. A few times I've gotten it a bit faster, but only gotten Sylvio since he's so close to the wall-running platform. Theoretically it might be possible to get a faster blitz, though. Trig's nuke

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Marco Barbarico Superfast Blitz Assassination

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[front-paged by stabguy]

Here is a description of the video.

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Francesco Salviati is very persuasive.

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After you leave the area, the gate to the compound is no longer modeled in the game. The developers forgot to put it back in place when you return. This mission is loosely related to "There is no spoon"-type missions:

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