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AC3 Forts Gameplay

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{front-paged: Lisa}

I was made aware of this site by InTehVaria, as he said you guys would probably enjoy my videos, so here's what I consider to be the best one.

Objective - Eliminate all red coats in all forts without raising the alarm and Try to perform as many different kills as possible.

Rules - . No animus hacks
. No assassin recruits
. No hud items
. No social status indicator (SSI)
. Complete in one play through

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Fort Monmouth Silent Extermination

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(Front-paged [with applause] by Lisa)

Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort Monmouth

Finally, here it is, the last episode in my massive AC3 stealth saga. Due to what is some bad design in my opinion, as well as some sloppiness on my part, it's imperfect, but I'm proud of what I've achieved.

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Fort Division Silent Extermination

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[Front-paged. -stabguy]

Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort Division

At last, the penultimate episode. It takes place in my absolute least favorite of the Forts, the only one I would describe as truly broken. It's a pity, since all of its broken elements could probably have been fixed fairly easily, and its double walled, super high security layout is interesting.

As for exactly why I call it broken, I've encountered stationary guards whose animation loops have them occasionally look behind them and whose sightlines are accurately modeled to that movement before, but never in such quantity and with such inconvenient placement. My other runs on this Fort made it possible to simply ignore them, but I can't here (except for the first instance, where I was just straight out dumb). To be clear, even if they're avoidable, this should never happen; an enemy suddenly turning completely about without warning is a cardinal sin in a stealth game.

The animation loops are clearly motion captured, I'm sure they were lovingly done, but I wonder whether sightline modeling based on those animations was done manually or automated in some way. It's obvious that either at no point did a game designer have a hand in them, or they were used against the protestations of a game designer. Since the point when animation loops begin is randomized each time an enemy spawns, there's no way to know when they'll look behind except to have them on camera, and this randomization can completely ruin even the most carefully laid plans. Of course, it also pretty much destroys the possibility of getting through unseen on the first try, which, while extremely difficult, should always be possible in theory. There is no defending this, and I can only hope it is stamped out completely in future games. When elements of this game are pointed out as broken, I rarely agree completely, but, to quote Haytham, "In this instance, I concur."

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Fort Duquesne Silent Extermination

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[Front-paged. -stabguy]

Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort Duquesne

Just keeping on rolling. This one also has no corpses found. Here are my comments:

Starting out I really wasn't sure if this one would be possible. This Fort has such varied terrain and there are guards in all sorts of awkward spots. This took a lot of patience and had less movement than I would like, but it was still satisfying to complete what seemed impossible.

Almost everything I want to say about this run is covered in the annotations in the video itself, but I do want to point out that at 3:20 I'm quickly checking to make sure the soldier on the platform is facing away before I use the Rope Dart. It happens too fast to put in a readable annotation, but it's a significant detail. Of course, there's also the big mistake near the end. Sorry about that. It's definitely possible to kill that soldier in a way that doesn't cause him to fall from the platform, I just didn't want to start over again at that point.

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Fort St-Mathieu Silent Extermination
{front-paged: Lisa}

Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort St-Mathieu

First, a request. I play this game through a Steam shortcut to get the Steam overlay in game, but the latest Uplay update unfortunately seems incompatible with the Steam overlay. If anyone knows a way of fixing this without cracking the game, please tell me.

This was another extremely challenging run, but one without compromises. SSI is on again, for the same reason as before, and it doesn't give me any real advantage. I would have had to wait for the Captain to come around again before moving to kill the pair of soldiers at 4:45 to stay safe, but that would have been the only big change.

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Taking the Forts with Perfect Stealth One Last Time: Silent Exterminations

(promoted to the front page by Lisa)

It's been a little while, hasn't it?

After completing perfect stealth pacifist runs of every Fort using only fists I decided to try the opposite of pacifism. For this final challenge I'll kill every single enemy within the walls of the Forts (literally within the walls, since there are often many enemies outside but still in the restricted zone that would be extremely tedious or impossible to kill under my restrictions) using only the Hidden Blades except where absolutely necessary, and to make things even sweeter I'll save the Captains for last. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do every Fort, but I'll certainly try.

The first episode, Fort Washington, is here, and just like my previous videos on it it's a two-for-one deal.

I don't think it's possible to do a Barehanded version of this challenge without relying heavily on Smoke Bombs, so I won't be trying that. Feel free to try to prove me wrong.

I'll keep this thread updated whenever I post a new video in this series. Enjoy!

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Connor gets some peace and quiet at Bridewell
[Front-paged. -stabguy]

Like I promised Aurll... a video.

For this video, I wanted to to see what would happen in later memories in Bridewell prison if I killed all the guards and prisoners early on. As you can imagine, this takes some time (hence the sped up video... it appears I'm getting better at this). Some notes - white text is meant to be Ratonhnhaké:ton's inner monologue; yellow for actual speech.

First, I killed everyone on a "restart from checkpoint." Otherwise, the guards that escort you down the stairs are roaming around. If you restart the "steal the key" mission, these two guards don't spawn. Problem 1 solved.

Secondly, you have to manipulate the directions some guards are looking before killing others or you'll be detected. To do this, get them to push you. The guard on the bridge on the top floor can detect the kill on the second floor, that's why I changed floors there.

Third, to kill civilians in this game with no penalty, equip bare hands and lock onto them to strangle them... as you are in prison, you don't have to worry about the weapon thing. Once a few people die, the prisoners run around. This causes them to bunch at the stairs. (This was the first time the bunched on the lower stairs. In my previous attempts, they always bunched on the upper stairs). Just approach them, hit the lock button, and mash the attack button until you're content.

Finally, I wanted to show the prison after this occurs. None of the incapacitated guards nor prisoners respawn. It's eerie, because (although not in the video) the sound of them all is there, just not the character models. This makes it really easy to find Mason, though. In addition, it makes it really easy to find out who you are going to need to fight.

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Taking the Forts with perfect stealth - pure pacifism and no detection meters

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[Adapted for the front page by stabguy]

I've created a video series I think many people on this forum might like.

I've been playing the Assassin's Creed series since 2010, going through all the main entries, and I've always been interested in the design of their stealth gameplay. AC3 offers what I think are the best opportunities for exploring its possibilities yet in the Forts, but even still most people will end up killing their way through them. I wasn't satisfied with this, so I decided to do the opposite.

I challenged myself to take every Fort without killing or incapacitating any enemies outside of the Captains, which are required, even going so far as to make sure no guards or civilians were ever killed in powder reserve explosions, while keeping interactions with them to a minimum. I would also remain totally unseen; you won't spot any detection meters in this series ever, unless I'm trying to demonstrate something afterward.


I'd be happy to answer any questions people here might have, and I also hope someone can answer a couple of questions I have after going through this challenge.

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Silent Clearing and George Washington's Death
[Front-paged. -stabguy]

The Braddock Expedition - Silent Extermination (full synch)
At the beginning of the memory you have to kill a target to use his clothes as a disguise. The full synch is to kill at least two guards without being detected. In actuality the game developers meant BEFORE being detected. The mission is designed so that you are detected by the other guards after you kill the target no matter what. Therefore the only way to remain anonymous throughout the mission is to silently kill all the guards before killing the target. As an added challenge I reamain completely unseen (no yellow or red triangles) and use only fists. Here's the step by step process:

Guard #1: Start out with the guard standing by the haystack. At the beginning of the checkpoint turn right, and then left.

Guard #2: From the haystack use whistle to lure a nearby guard (yes, you can use whistle even while killing someone from the haystack).

Guard #3: From the haystack move right along the tall grass. Be careful not to bump into the Indian hiding in the grass, or you're likely to be seen. From the grass move into the haystack and kill the guard standing by it. If you kill the guard while in the grass you might be seen.

Guard #4: A guard walks by the haystack. Whistle when he gets close. There's a glitch where he isn't lured by the whistle (usually happens if you use whistle when he's farther away). If that happens you can still kill him when he walks close enough to the haystack.

Guard #5 and 6: The next two guards are tricky. They stand close together, and it doesn't help that the target walks in that area. Here's a way to separate them. Go behind the large rock and whistle. Then hide in the tall grass. One of them will search the nearby haystack. Kill the other guard before he walks back to his post. Then kill the other guard when he is lured by the dead body.

Guard #7: The last guard is standing by the tents. Kill him when the target isn't walking in that area.

Target: By this time the target will see one of the dead bodies. Kill him anytime you want.

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The Showdown with Daniel Cross
[Front-paged. - stabguy]

Spoiler Warning for those that haven't done the second and third Desmond missions.
Daniel Cross appears in all three missions. Here's the most creative video I could make concerning him.

Stealth Knockout
In the second mission, when Desmond runs into Daniel, a chase starts, followed by a fight. A way to do this stealthfully would be to hide in the tall grass nearby. You can't do this while seen, so hide behind an object, in this case a tree, to block your enemies' line of sight. You may have to leave the room first if you are unsuccessful. Now just wait for the enemies to give up searching for you.

I also managed to record a glitch. There's a chance Daniel might search for you past the boundary of the place (invisible barrier at the end where the thick crowds are). I tried an air assassination and fell through the floor.

Starting from the checkpoint after Daniel crashed through a window, you're forced to chase him. The fastest way I managed was to air assassinate him after he swings from the bar and gets in a standing position.
Other possible faster ways:
1. Somehow catch up to him and knock him off, where he will fall to his death. Seeing you're about as fast as him, you would probably have to get lucky.
2. Jump straight to the ground and run to where he will land after swinging from the last bar. I haven't been able to get there fast enough.

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