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The Showdown with Daniel Cross
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Spoiler Warning for those that haven't done the second and third Desmond missions.
Daniel Cross appears in all three missions. Here's the most creative video I could make concerning him.

Stealth Knockout
In the second mission, when Desmond runs into Daniel, a chase starts, followed by a fight. A way to do this stealthfully would be to hide in the tall grass nearby. You can't do this while seen, so hide behind an object, in this case a tree, to block your enemies' line of sight. You may have to leave the room first if you are unsuccessful. Now just wait for the enemies to give up searching for you.

I also managed to record a glitch. There's a chance Daniel might search for you past the boundary of the place (invisible barrier at the end where the thick crowds are). I tried an air assassination and fell through the floor.

Starting from the checkpoint after Daniel crashed through a window, you're forced to chase him. The fastest way I managed was to air assassinate him after he swings from the bar and gets in a standing position.
Other possible faster ways:
1. Somehow catch up to him and knock him off, where he will fall to his death. Seeing you're about as fast as him, you would probably have to get lucky.
2. Jump straight to the ground and run to where he will land after swinging from the last bar. I haven't been able to get there fast enough.

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