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Sequence 8

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Connor gets some peace and quiet at Bridewell
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Like I promised Aurll... a video.

For this video, I wanted to to see what would happen in later memories in Bridewell prison if I killed all the guards and prisoners early on. As you can imagine, this takes some time (hence the sped up video... it appears I'm getting better at this). Some notes - white text is meant to be Ratonhnhaké:ton's inner monologue; yellow for actual speech.

First, I killed everyone on a "restart from checkpoint." Otherwise, the guards that escort you down the stairs are roaming around. If you restart the "steal the key" mission, these two guards don't spawn. Problem 1 solved.

Secondly, you have to manipulate the directions some guards are looking before killing others or you'll be detected. To do this, get them to push you. The guard on the bridge on the top floor can detect the kill on the second floor, that's why I changed floors there.

Third, to kill civilians in this game with no penalty, equip bare hands and lock onto them to strangle them... as you are in prison, you don't have to worry about the weapon thing. Once a few people die, the prisoners run around. This causes them to bunch at the stairs. (This was the first time the bunched on the lower stairs. In my previous attempts, they always bunched on the upper stairs). Just approach them, hit the lock button, and mash the attack button until you're content.

Finally, I wanted to show the prison after this occurs. None of the incapacitated guards nor prisoners respawn. It's eerie, because (although not in the video) the sound of them all is there, just not the character models. This makes it really easy to find Mason, though. In addition, it makes it really easy to find out who you are going to need to fight.

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Thomas Hickey Dies Where He Stands
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Spoiler Warning for those who didn't complete sequence eight.

An Average Day in the life of a Prisoner
Some humor earlier in the sequence. During the time you eavesdrop on a conversation in the cell, there are two objects you can interact with (besides the wall and bed, which are required). You can knock on the cell door, which gets a reaction from a guard. There's also a bucket by the bed (to eat from?).

Avoiding a fight
Rather than directly attack one of the prisoner targets, go to a corner and whistle. This will get their attention. You have the ability to use your fists only when in the area where they were originally standing, so lure one back to that area (make sure none of them are nearby when you knock him out, or you might desynch). When the fight starts, they are out of the ring of people, past an invisible barrier. You have to restart the checkpoint to get farther in the game.

After escaping the gallows, climb back on stage. The hood Charles Lee put on you is still there, hovering in midair. It won't be there if you restart the checkpoint.

Thomas Hickey
I tried performing a stylish kill on the target, but never had enough time (either he kills all of George Washington's bodyguards, or they kill him). However I got lucky enough for a running civilian to bump into him when he barely started moving. This allowed me to kill him where he pretty much was.

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