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Silent Clearing and George Washington's Death

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The Braddock Expedition - Silent Extermination (full synch)
At the beginning of the memory you have to kill a target to use his clothes as a disguise. The full synch is to kill at least two guards without being detected. In actuality the game developers meant BEFORE being detected. The mission is designed so that you are detected by the other guards after you kill the target no matter what. Therefore the only way to remain anonymous throughout the mission is to silently kill all the guards before killing the target. As an added challenge I reamain completely unseen (no yellow or red triangles) and use only fists. Here's the step by step process:

Guard #1: Start out with the guard standing by the haystack. At the beginning of the checkpoint turn right, and then left.

Guard #2: From the haystack use whistle to lure a nearby guard (yes, you can use whistle even while killing someone from the haystack).

Guard #3: From the haystack move right along the tall grass. Be careful not to bump into the Indian hiding in the grass, or you're likely to be seen. From the grass move into the haystack and kill the guard standing by it. If you kill the guard while in the grass you might be seen.

Guard #4: A guard walks by the haystack. Whistle when he gets close. There's a glitch where he isn't lured by the whistle (usually happens if you use whistle when he's farther away). If that happens you can still kill him when he walks close enough to the haystack.

Guard #5 and 6: The next two guards are tricky. They stand close together, and it doesn't help that the target walks in that area. Here's a way to separate them. Go behind the large rock and whistle. Then hide in the tall grass. One of them will search the nearby haystack. Kill the other guard before he walks back to his post. Then kill the other guard when he is lured by the dead body.

Guard #7: The last guard is standing by the tents. Kill him when the target isn't walking in that area.

Target: By this time the target will see one of the dead bodies. Kill him anytime you want.

George Washington's Death
After donning the British soldier disguise, Haytham mounts a horse and loses some of his high profile abilites. George Washington is also on horseback.

So how are we going to assassinate him? Restart from the last checkpoint. Some of the guards from the previous checkpoint spawn. By bumping into one of them twice you can get them to attack you. First allow them to knock your horse down. Then go to Washington, who is at the front of the line of traffic. You can get him off his horse by either doing a wall kick off the nearby tree or letting the soldiers accidentally knock him down when trying to attack you. Then run around and wait for them to aim their guns and fire. When that happens use Washington as a human shield by putting him in between you and the soldiers.

I also tried Human Bait on Washington (luring a predatory animal) by moving him to a wolf. When the game turns from day to night a wolf appears on the cliff. Unfortunately predatory animals don't seem to attack civilians (or maybe the wolf was patriotic).

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EDIT: The most I was ever to get without entering conflict was 4, so congrats on getting all of them. I guess maybe that's because the captain was the 4th guy I got and you said it triggers open conflict once you get him. Is that true even from a hay bale?

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I never tried it from a hay bale. Remember that in addition to being in open conflict, your Indian allies fight the other guards.