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Eagle Strike

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You've Forced My Hand (and Blade) - Edward Braddock Mini-Variety Pack
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Sat down today trying to come up with some fun things to do with Edward Braddock. This video has three different assassinations. I call it a Mini variety pack, not because there's not enough, but because there is an obvious missing that I was not able to accomplish in 20+ tries.

Braddock Doesn't Fight Like a Bulldog... - Nothing special about this one. It's a basic chase after the Bulldog with no weapon equipped. Haytham hip-checks Braddock and he dies instantly. I thought someone with a nickname of Bulldog would fight a little better than that.

Braddock's Swirly - In this assassination, Haytham plays bully to his old friend and dunks him under the water. I guess Braddock can't hold his breath, as Haytham drowns him. The only way to get to him while he's still in the water is to call a horse. You have to stay within 50m of Braddock before desyncing... and I was close in this play through. (Yes, I know this isn't death by water, but rather death from his skull crushing into the ground).

Eagle Strike - This one took some set up. First, you need to break Braddock's AI. To do this, simply do a "gentle push" on him at the end of the chase. This will cause him to think he's a regular soldier and he will chase you. Now you run to the cliffs. Once you break Braddock's line of sight and return to incognito mode, he has a case of waypoint separation and stands still. From here you can push him into position for the Eagle Strike. Yes, this counts as an Eagle Strike - if you miss the cliff, you die.

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Hostile Negotiations Eagle Strike and Early Death

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Eagle Strike

Start off by taking a fast stealthy path. Run to the left of the docks (shallow water, no swimming necessary). One of the guards there can see me, but you don't have to worry about getting into open conflict. After that continue forward, keeping to the edge of the restricted area. After climbing up a cliff turn right along the edge. Running up the low hanging tree will lead you to the cliff where the scene starts. There are two guards patrolling, so wait until their backs are turned (or just double kill them) to get past anonymously. If you are aiming for full synch, go behind the house right behind William Johnson, or skip the cinematic.

For the Eagle Strike climb the house in front of you and wait for the scene to end (if you skip the cinematic or start from the last checkpoint you spawn at a default location). The setup after the scene allows you to stay on the roof until the assassination. Shoot the two previously mentioned patrolling guards with the bow (guns will alert all the enemies in the area, which can ruin the assassination). You being detected will cause the target to flee. Wait until he reaches the right place to perform the Eagle Strike.

Now for the kill itself. From standing on the roof a fall to the ground below the cliff is high enough to cause death. Most of the cliff is just far enough away that you can't jump past the edge, but luckily a small part of it is closer.

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Infiltrating Southgate Full Synch and Eagle Strike
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This is the last memory in sequence 2.

Full Synch
The full synch requirements are:
1. Avoid firing line damage.
2. Find and kill the general.
3. Perform stealth assassinations from a corner spot - 3/3

I start from the checkpoint right after you enter the fortress. At the beginning I head left to the ship. You can get all three corner assassinations from here. First corner assassinate the captain patrolling outside the ship (either wait for him to come around the corner or whistle, but I couldn't help getting him as he was tuning away). There's another captain on the ship. Lure him with a whistle if you don't want to wait for him to come around a corner. A guard stands in front of the prisoners on the ship. Use whistle to get him and free the prisoners.

The two other sets of prisoners are guarded by a patrolling captain each. I'll keep things minimal by not killing anyone I don't have to (and drawing unnecessary attention). Head from the ship to the prisoners right in front of you. Wait for the captain to get right in front of them to free them without getting seen.

Now head for the general. He is located to the very right of the area. His map marker shows up when you get close enough. And since he isn't close to any of the prisoners, many players miss killing him. You need to kill him before freeing all the prisoners or you'll lose the chance. I see at least a few ways of successful stealth kills here. Since he was inspecting a haystack I killed him right there, almost getting seen (close call).

Now for the last prisoners. Use the tall grass to hide from the patrolling captain and free the prisoners at whatever convenient time there is. The scene will now start.

After this checkpoint all you have to worry about is getting hit by the firing line. That's the easy part.

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