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Full Sync

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Hostile Negotiations: Full Sync and Firecracker

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Firecracker Assassination

I placed William Johnson at the end of the dock by first using Rope Dart and then bumping him into position while carrying a Powder Keg. To move him with Rope Dart just tap Head button. Connor will not kill him unless you are standing close together (or you accidentally drag Johnson over a Trip Mine). My thought was that if the explosion didn't kill him then falling into water would.

It turns out that the explosion does indeed kill the target. I have confirmed this result on dry land. When Double McStab with Cheese experimented with this style of assassination he reported that Johnson was moved but not killed. The difference must be the proximity of Connor to the target. I wanted a clear shot to the first Powder Keg and a good view of the assassination, so I arranged the Powder Kegs and Trip Mines in a semicircle around a high vantage point. The maximum distance between Powder Kegs seems to be about 8 walking paces for Connor.

Full Sync

The requirements for 100% Synchronization are:
1. Reach Johnson Undetected (both before and after the "Are you threatening us?" cutscene)
2. Limit Native American casualties - 0/1
3. Perform a swan dive to escape

If you skip the cutscene or reload from last checkpoint, it places Connor a distance north of the Johnson House, even if you approached from the south. This got me thinking that there must be a viable approach from the north. That's when I discovered this route which essentially goes up the face of a cliff. The first time you come this way you will find a feather on the log at 2:03.

One good thing about this route is that you encounter few guards. I chose to stealth assassinate the first one at 2:30 so that his body would distract the second one (visible on the left at 2:33). If you just try to run past the second guard you will usually get a brief SSI indicator, blowing an otherwise ghost run.

The air assassination from the roof of Johnson House is standard. There are several places to perform a swan dive to escape. I chose one that is easily accessible but often overlooked. It plunges Connor into shallow water just off the beach with two guards.

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Execution is Everything: Full Sync and Assassination

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The two people you're tailing in Sequence 3.2 are George Washington (in blue) and John Fraser. Historical note: On the final evening of the Braddock expedition, the Indians requested a conference. Braddock sent Washington and Fraser. The Indians suggested a cease fire to allow the French to peacefully withdraw from Fort Duquesne. Washington and Fraser recommended this truce but Braddock pressed ahead with his plan to attack Fort Duquesne the next day. That's what George and John are talking about when you eavesdrop.

Full Sync

The requirements for 100% Synchronization are:
1. Do not kill any guards.
2. Sabotage cannon - 2/2

You also must avoid detection until you steal the map. After that it's okay to enter Open Conflict (as long as you don't take down Washington or Fraser). You just have to become anonymous before talking to Kaniehtí:io again.

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Infiltrating Southgate Full Synch and Eagle Strike
[Front-paged. -stabguy]

This is the last memory in sequence 2.

Full Synch
The full synch requirements are:
1. Avoid firing line damage.
2. Find and kill the general.
3. Perform stealth assassinations from a corner spot - 3/3

I start from the checkpoint right after you enter the fortress. At the beginning I head left to the ship. You can get all three corner assassinations from here. First corner assassinate the captain patrolling outside the ship (either wait for him to come around the corner or whistle, but I couldn't help getting him as he was tuning away). There's another captain on the ship. Lure him with a whistle if you don't want to wait for him to come around a corner. A guard stands in front of the prisoners on the ship. Use whistle to get him and free the prisoners.

The two other sets of prisoners are guarded by a patrolling captain each. I'll keep things minimal by not killing anyone I don't have to (and drawing unnecessary attention). Head from the ship to the prisoners right in front of you. Wait for the captain to get right in front of them to free them without getting seen.

Now head for the general. He is located to the very right of the area. His map marker shows up when you get close enough. And since he isn't close to any of the prisoners, many players miss killing him. You need to kill him before freeing all the prisoners or you'll lose the chance. I see at least a few ways of successful stealth kills here. Since he was inspecting a haystack I killed him right there, almost getting seen (close call).

Now for the last prisoners. Use the tall grass to hide from the patrolling captain and free the prisoners at whatever convenient time there is. The scene will now start.

After this checkpoint all you have to worry about is getting hit by the firing line. That's the easy part.

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