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Early Death

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The Many Ways to Kill Captaine Rose in Dead Kings DLC

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 13 Memory 6 a Crown of Thorns.

The last memory of the sequence and assassination of Captaine Rose.


Before the fight with Captaine Rose, it's a challenge just to get to him without being seen.

Using just the hidden blade it's not that hard to make your way through the area. Also took the opportunity to achieve the double assassinations challenge.

When you start down the large flight of stairs, wait for the two guards to pass by and quickly assassinate them. Then kill the raider captain from the safety of a cover. This will cause some nearby guards to flee, making your stealth path easier.

Continuing along the route, corner kill the stationary guard. I've gotten see before by the patrolling guard during this kill, but with the timing in the video I haven't.

Now wait till the patrolling guard can't see you and hang off the edge. By this time some guards will notice the bodies of your first kill. Shimmy your way across and kill the patrolling guard, then the two posted guards. You will complete the double assassinations challenge.

When you reach the next two guards, keep an eye out to your right for guards. Kill them when the coast is clear. You won't have to worry about enemies for the rest of this as long as you keep to the roofs.

Early Death

Now that you've reached the target, time to pre-kill him. Getting close to the area starts the scene, so lure him with a firecracker from a safe distance away. Other guards will also arrive, which can be dealt with using poison bombs.

Now sneak up on the target and... he can't be assassinated or knocked out. Immune to poison bombs and berserk darts. Combine that with lots of health and you're looking at a high level boss.

Now here's the thing: If you kill him then it actually causes the scene to start. Not sure why, maybe killing him is supposed to start the next checkpoint regardless of what part you are in the memory.

Anyway, he respawns after the cutscene, so the pre-assassination is just for fun.

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How to Kill the Templar Grandmaster Right Before his Death in Sequence 12

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 12 Memory 3 The Temple Germain Assassination

In this memory you have to fight the Templar Grand master Germain twice before finally assassinating him. Here's how you can kill him before that.

Finding Germain

At the beginning of the memory you have to infiltrate the place. The best route I could find involved an outside tower you jump from to reach the building housing the target. Half the time you get spotted by a nearby gunman, but even then it's minor. Also the jump could come up short, which is why I hold down the empty hand button to grasp the ledge (this doesn't work while you are falling, at least not consistently).

Throwing a poison bomb form one of the building towers, you can take out German's health, but it doesn't kill him. Also from another tower you can shoot him with ranged weapons, but they have no effect.

Now for preventing the scene from starting. Germain needs to be onscreen and not hidden behind a wall or object. So if you turn the camera away you can approach him and assassinate.

There are a few strange things that can happen, such as Germain becoming dead standing up, and even missing from the scene. Proof that he was indeed killed.

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How to Kill la Touche in Sequence 4 Memory 1 The Kingdom of Beggars

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 4 Memory 1 The Kingdom of Beggars la Touche Assassination.

In Arno's hunt for the King of Beggars he first meets la Touche, a Templar agent working for him. Although it was intended you spare his life and assassinate him later in the game, it is indeed possible to kill him without failing the mission.

Locating la Touche

At the beginning you have to find la Touche. This is the first opportunity to attempt an assassination. You can't get close to him without starting the scene, so I berserked a guard to go after him. Alas, la Touche can be targeted but not attacked. The poisoned guard stays there for the scene and afterward.

Another thing about the scene is you can use the disguise skill during the beginning and not lose it until the scene is partway done.

Tailing la Touche

Following the target, you cannot kill him without desynching. During this I show a short conversation he has with Marquis de Sade, who first appeared during the previous scene. At first I tried getting in the huddle of the conversation with a money pouch, but then the target walks past and the conversation gets skipped.

My attempt at getting away with an assassination at this part is to kill la Touche right as a scene is starting. This proved hard as either I would desynch or the scene would start before I could perform the kill. The closest I got was starting a low profile hidden blade assassination as the scene was starting. Arno continues the animation during the scene, stabbing midair. There is also no blood on la Touche, so I wouldn't count it count it as a kill. Standing by the entrance of the gate also gets Arno in the scene.

The Early Death of La Touche

Now that you're done tailing la Touche, all there is left to do is interrogate him to find out where le Roi des Thunes is. After that scene, la Touche remains shackled to the wall. He still has the regular guard AI, which allows you to lure him with gunshots and cherry bombs (gunshots are more effective, but be wary of other nearby guards who will be drawn to you).

Sometimes la Touche will lean over the wall when investigating. If he goes far enough you can target him for a kill. Depending how, the target will die on either side of the wall.

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