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How to Kill the Templar Grandmaster Right Before his Death in Sequence 12

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 12 Memory 3 The Temple Germain Assassination

In this memory you have to fight the Templar Grand master Germain twice before finally assassinating him. Here's how you can kill him before that.

Finding Germain

At the beginning of the memory you have to infiltrate the place. The best route I could find involved an outside tower you jump from to reach the building housing the target. Half the time you get spotted by a nearby gunman, but even then it's minor. Also the jump could come up short, which is why I hold down the empty hand button to grasp the ledge (this doesn't work while you are falling, at least not consistently).

Throwing a poison bomb form one of the building towers, you can take out German's health, but it doesn't kill him. Also from another tower you can shoot him with ranged weapons, but they have no effect.

Now for preventing the scene from starting. Germain needs to be onscreen and not hidden behind a wall or object. So if you turn the camera away you can approach him and assassinate.

There are a few strange things that can happen, such as Germain becoming dead standing up, and even missing from the scene. Proof that he was indeed killed.

First Fight

As if one Early Death isn't enough, there is a way to kill the target during the fight. The game developers made sure kill animations were interrupted after they started to ensure Germain wasn't assassinated beforehand. However there is one animation they forgot about: the ledge assassination.

To get Germain near a ledge tackle him from behind. That way you don't have to worry about being zapped with the Sword of Eden.

When he is ledge killed, the target drops his weapon. Water has no effect as he falls right through. Germain spawns back, I think due to both distance and being off camera. Now without the sword of Eden out of his possession, there isn't much threat.

Ledge assassinating him onto a surface results in an inanimate position, although the game still thinks he's alive. There doesn't seem to be a way to kill him again at that point.

While he's weaponless you can whack at him till the end of time with no results. During that he may unsheath an invisible sword accompanied by the sound effect, but cannot attack you.

Second Fight

Ledge assassinating the target during the second fight is also possible, although harder. You have to move him a greater distance away. When he spawns again the sword also spawns back with him.

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Germain is a special case because of how he survives the attempted kill animations. One time at the beginning of the memory, when I reached him the scene didn't start but instead the battle ready Germain spawned while the other remained. Wish I saved that video instead of assuming it wasn't a one time thing.

More on the floating sword.

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Altair Auditore
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Lol @ the falling through water part. Guess Ubi didn't expect anyone trying to ledge kill Germain. It's a shame that it isn't possible (or at least really hard to) do the same during the Bellec assassination mission, since I expect something similar would happen.

Nice video!