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Early Death

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Tarik Barleti's Early Death
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This is the only time I managed to get away with killing Tarik without desynchronizing.

Early Death
During the last scene when tailing Tarik the game won't recognize him as a tailed target. You have an extremely short moment before the scene starts to kill him. Here are two examples: An air assassination, which leaves behind a large bloodstain; and throwing a large or heavy weapon, which stays in him during the scene. The result of being killed and reanimated for a scene is "dead standing up". Afterwards he disappears. I tried this for the scene before this one, but it desynchronized right after he scene.

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The Thesbian's Early Death

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A chance to kill the target in The Thesbian Part 1. In this memory you tail the target until she disappears at the end.

A Splitting Headache

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