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Antonio Maffei Assassination Collection

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Direct Approach

Disregard the ladder and climb the building behind. Circle up the tower to the south of the tall one where Antonio waits. Ignore the archers. If you wish to remain Anonymous, drop onto the wire (instead of back kicking) and when you reach the high platform, scoot to the right to avoid Antonio's bodyguard.

This route can be adapted to an effective blitz by incorporating sideways jumps.

Poison Plunge
Slip Antonio the poison blade and stand back!

Air to Assassinate
Antonio is on the highest point in town. It's hard to get above him. Here's a mini air to assassinate.

Suicide Pact
If both Antonio and Ezio die, it still triggers the Memory Corridor scene. Afterward Ezio is desynchronized but still gets credit for eliminating Antonio.

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I always do Antonio Maffei last so i figured it be cool if i poisoned him then lept off the tower and ran to the roof top where Jacopo's Assassination starts. It's pretty cool having the next mission start right after returning from the memory corridor. Smile