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Chrétien Lafreniére

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Chrétien Lafreniére Speedy Stealth Kills

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 5 Memory 2

Speedy Stealth Kills

The rules are simple. Spend most of the time from the start of the mission to the end running and killing along your route to the target, using only melee kills and whatever tools are necessary.

This run is started from the haystack in the southwest corner of the area. From a reload, throw a smoke bomb to the upper right (too far left and other guards come to investigate). Kill the guard by the haystack either from the haystack or jump out and stab while he's walking towards the smoke bomb cloud.

The next two guards are still reeling from the smoke bomb, so take them out quickly. A nearby archer can easily spot you if you aren't fast enough.

Next are four other guards. With proper timing (too soon and the smoke bomb doesn't reach them, too late and they see you), another smoke bomb aids in killing unseen. Note that the enemy on the very right is non hostile, and part of a scripted speech.

On the other side of the stone fence is a guard who is usually in range of an air kill and another guard who isn't close enough to detect that kill.

Now we have a a brute under a gazebo and, whoa! I call this kill the "grabbing from above This Person is Really Awesome kill". Actually the ledge kill in Unity has been modified so you can pull guards from the side of a ledge as well as from under, usually from the side of a window. But in this case, Arno performed the assassination from higher and farther away than should be possible.

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Chrétien Lafreniére variety pack [S5, M3]

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In this video I show a few ways of killing Lafreniére that I though were pretty cool/interesting. This assassination takes place during sequence 5 in memory 3.


In this part I let the graveyard caretakers and their friends(green NPC eagle vision, who will help you if you kill the bodyguards before Lafreniére arrives, do most of the work for me. I throw a cherry bomb at a certain spot which will attract a couple of guards, the allies and Lafreniére . They will start fighting and shooting at each other and one of the allies takes out the target for me and I wait until the rest of the guards are distracted by the remaining allies who have heard the gunshots and have gone up from underground to investigate.
Then all I have to do is silently finish Lafreniére off for a completely unseen kill.
I dubbed it puppetmaster because I am sort of pulling all the strings from the shadows and didn't know what else to call it Tongue

This one is pretty straightforward.
I jump in the haystack closest to the target and before the wait timer is full I quickly jump out in the right direction so I can instantly drop a smoke and run to the target. The actual time it takes from spawning to killing Lafreniére is around 6 seconds, maybe even very slightly below 6 seconds.

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