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Zero Tolerance Assassination Variety Pack

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Zero tolerance has a literal meaning in this video as I try various assassinations in the contract.

1. Eagle Strike: Lure the target in a certain spot with a dead body and drop from the tower. There are many ledges to grab on to, but I prefer to grab on the lowest one possible.
2. Punching Bag Turkey Shoot: The target will stop moving if he's far enough away from the woman he's following. Tackle him then grab and drag far away (in this case Emilio's Palace). I also found that if you go back afterward and he runs to follow her she might not detect you.
3. Normal Stunt: Jump from a high place as the target is passing by and assassinate him as soon as you hit the ground.
4. Tripwire: Equip hidden gun and hold down attack button to aim. Let go to shoot when the target passes by.
5. Bench Assassinations: The target will pass by a bench from two directions as he runs around. Assassinate him when he gets close enough. I prefer to assassinate at the last possible moment to get the most distance between him and me.

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Apologies that the first two clips weren't good quality (I recorded on a different tv). For the bench assassinations I assumed that was the farthest you could go since I tried that from both directions, but if I remember correctly the target runs faster if he's farther away from the character he's chasing (to catch up); so if you grabbed him, held him there for a little while, and quickly went on the bench you could probably assassinate from even farther away! Evil And low profile bench assassinations aren't as far as high profile because with high profile you assassinate away from the bench and with low you assassinate them on the bench.
And for those of you who want to record gameplay like this you need a few things...
1. the game ac2
2. something to record with: camera, dvd recorder, capture card, etc.
3. at least half a brain (not required but definitely useful)
4. a creative imagination

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Great job. Even though it's with a video camera. Beer

I've been raising money on ebay by selling things for my trip to hollyk12's place for our official THB review (look up the forum topic "Joey and Holly review Assassin's Creed" for more info).

So far I've gotten $50 (if the guy would ever pay me). If I have any extra money, I'll probably get a decent camera for stuff like this. I wasn't sure if it would come out very good, but this proves it can.

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This was an entertaining video, especially the second half. I think the music added to the experience.

Check out the civilians on the bench at 2:20. One of them shoots straight up in the air! What is the maximum distance for a spring-loaded bench assassination? Is it less for low profile?

You won't even feel the blade.