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Tamir's Unseen Kill

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[From the forums. - stabguy]

This is as close to a ghost run as possible in the mission where you kill the first target Tamir in memory block 2 Damascus.

Before the assassination mission do the save citizen mission closest to the area. I know this isn't stealthy and seems to violate the ghost run, but it's a side mission, not a part of the actual assassination mission. Besides, it's designed so that you are automatically detected and have to kill the guards. And you have to do this to make the ghost run work. Once you kill the guards (I did on a rooftop to avoid other guards) don't talk to the citizen. Instead gentle push her to the assassination area. When I first originally did this I didn't move her until after, but the second time I failed the mission from being too far away from the target.

Unseen Kill
Start the scene and wait. Notice how the save citizen is standing there waving for me to talk to her. Once the scene ends gentle push her into the path of the target, in this case right by a table with a merchant he stops to talk at. When Tamir is in range assassinate (duh). Notice how a guard standing nearby reacts to the kill. After the memory corridor scene immediately start locking on. The thing is when you perform a kill animation on an enemy you can still lock onto them until their body goes limp. However you have a brief moment between when the body goes limp and a message appears to be anonymous. Since the save citizen is right next to you you lock onto her. When the message appears you can still hear her talking. Now what has changed? Well no guard comes after you. The guard who has reacted to you killing Tamir seems to have forgotten and doesn't even notice the body right away. Another guard comes and notices the body but doesn't come after you. You can leave that area without once having been detected and without killing anyone but the target during the mission.

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How much did the beggar distract you during this attempt?

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I don't think it really bothered me. I was more worried about guards. Are you talking about the beggar inside the souk, or the one outside?

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Nice job! I'd never have thought of using the save citizen like that.


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