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The goal is to kill every opponent you that can reach in the "Having a Blast" (Marco Barbarigo) mission without being seen. That means no yellow bars whatsoever. To keep it challenging, I don't use anything other than the hidden blade. This mission is basically the same as the Silent Crash of Carnivale, but on steroids:

Here are some notes:

You have to play this mission from reload, as some of the civilian groups that can be used for blending are not spawned on the initial attempt.

0:04 As the mission loads, you'll need to move Ezio before you can even see anything. While the screen will fades from white, you'll need to do a "blind" run toward this group of people for blending. (Aim your left stick down and left.) If you don't do this, guards will see you almost immediately.

0:13 FYI, I started the mission next to Teodora. I ran from her side to this group of people during the fade from white.

0:18 Carefully look at the haystack. There is a Seeker on the other side inspecting it. Wait for him to turn away before you go there.

0:39 Kill the Seeker as he passes the corner of the haystack. If you attack too early, you'll kill the patrol leader, despite locking onto the Seeker.

0:44 Wait for this patrol to turn away before getting out.

0:49 Wait for the guard to turn into the garden before running after him. This helps ensure that the harasser doesn't get in your way.

1:12 Wait for this patrol to turn away before getting out.

1:45 When you leave a group of people, you remain "blended" for a few seconds as long as you don't run or sprint. Use fast walk to bridge the two groups while remaining blended. You need to wait for a clear path since fast walking past a civilian will pickpocket him or her, which will ruin your efforts to blend with the courtesans. Sometimes Teodora will walk along here. She cannot be pickpocketed, so you don't need to avoid her.

2:23 Stay in the blending zone as you kill the guards. The dead bodies will attract other guards that you can continue to slaughter. Do not gentle push the courtesans! You may inadvertently pick up a dead body instead, which will break up your blending area.

2:58 There is still a guard on the quarterdeck of the ship, so you need to continue "blending" as you fast walk away from the courtesans.

3:55 Wait for the patrol to turn away before you run out to the courtesans.

4:22 After the guards pass, fast walk around the kiosk to the next group of courtesans.

4:37 Just as the patrol leaves the garden, fast walk to the guard in the garden and kill him while you are still blended. Quickly climb up the ladder to escape from view.

5:29 Swim out to the ship from here to avoid being spotted by the guard on the quarterdeck.

6:10 If you see a guard here, be sure to pull him over the rail and kill him.

6:14 Marco will run away if you step onto the center or starboard sections of the deck. Just wait for him to walk to the portside.

6:30 Marco is blind. Really. He can't see anything, so you can just stab him in plain sight.

7:25 Dante and friends are waiting for you just outside the party. Avoid engaging them by swimming away. Or rowing away.

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I can now do this in 5 tries or less. Party

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The higly documented deadly party is back! With Ian to crash it.

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