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Sequence 11

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[AC Unity] Bottom of the Barrel - Stealth Kills

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Assassin's Creed Unity
Memory: Bottom of the Barrel
Style: Reaper / Lethal / Stealth Kills

Arno, hungover, stealth kills a bunch of guards because he wants to steal their wine. Then he goes on a murderous rampage because some other guards stole the watch his father once gave him. You don't mess with Arno's watch.


The wobbly and grey effect on the camera in the first part of this mission, and the similarly blurry effect on the camera in the second part of the mission is because Arno is drunk, and later, hungover. If you use Eagle Vision during this mission, Arno's head will hurt, and, because of the visual and audio effects that accompany it (screen distorted by sharp/saturated colors, ringing in ears sound effect) your own head will hurt too.

Thankfully no Eagle Vision was used during this video, because I won't subject viewers to that, even though I do appreciate the little detail that Ubisoft tacked on.

This mission's actually quite tough, believe it or not, except for the last part, where all the guards are just positioned by the Level Designer(s) in such a way that you can just play "Connect-the-Dots" with them, quickly Stealth killing them all one after the other just by killing one, walking to the next one, killing him, walking to the next one, etc.

Coming up next, sometime in the next two days is a video of the same mission, but with No Kills and No Detects... If I can actually do it. I'm not sure if it's even possible, but we'll see.

Hope you enjoy.
Safety and peace.

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Silent assassination of La Touche (S11,M2)

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On Ubi's official Assassin's Creed forum there was a topic in which the OP was asking if anyone knew a "clean" way of killing La Touche in this sequence, so no detection and using the hidden blade to kill the target. Since this is very hard for this target, a "challenge" was made. And as a hiddenblader I obviously had to rise to the occasion Tongue
Thought you guys might also be interested in the result.

The video is pretty straight forward on how to do it. I try to aim my second money pouch on the railing/bannister of the stage to get the biggest crowd on the execution stage. Then I try to aim the 3rd money pouch just right so that there is a blend group I can use to walk onto the stage undetected but still leave enough people on the stage so that I can blend there. I position myseelf behind the guillotine so that the guard opposite La Touche does not see me. I quickly check to my left to see if any guards are looking at my direction, and if not, I throw the cherry bomb. It has to be just far enough so that none of the guards to the left of the stage get distracted. I then walk up to La Touche and kill him. After the cinematic I quickly exit the stage using the cart and I walk into the crowd without the guards noticing me.

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