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Bonfire Stunts - Part 2

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Part 2 of 2 in a collection of stunt and other stylish assassinations in Bonfire of the Vanities.

Still Life
At last - a practical use of the Sprint Jump ability! Go around to the highest platform attached to the city wall. It's the only one with an archer on it. Approach when his back is turned.

Wait here until the target comes around. I use a wall run and back kick to meet him next to the bonfire.

Upward Mobility
The target runs to the corner of the roof, bumps into his own man, trips, and yells something about Savonarola as he falls to his death. Dougie's lightning This was a complete accident that happened to be caught on film. I can't think of a way to replicate it.

Surgical Strike
The key to this one is placement of the dead body distraction. You want the doctor to interrupt his speech and proceed directly into the rear of the courtyard to examine the body. Be ready with the big leap.

Last Rites
I approached the target to his face (from the east). He stops chanting to cower when he sees Ezio. If you approach from a different direction, he should continue chanting and you can still do the spring-loaded air. Remember to target lock before you climb out of range. Then you have to climb the rest of the way "backwards" by pushing the left thumbstick to 6 o'clock.

Port Authority
This ship is much smaller than Marco's, making it difficult to get a good angle for a stunt assassination. Most leaps from a mast take Ezio onto the other mast (or into the water). I used a diagonal jump, from port to starboard. Ordinarily I aim the left thumbstick and then do the jump. This wasn't possible here because of the extreme angle - Ezio would start walking along the yardarm.

The hyperblend at the beginning was just to make the video shorter. It's straightforward enough to clear the quarterdeck and make the shot from there before climbing the rigging.

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This will likely be my last video until May. My Xbox just got the Red Ring of Death. Sad It has been exactly two years since the last repair and is still under warranty, so that's not too bad. Perhaps I can dust off some old footage and put together another AC1 video.

You won't even feel the blade.

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Aw, that's too bad stabguy. I hope they fix it even quicker. Tell them that you have legions of fans depending on you and your xbox. Legions!

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