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Air Assassination

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Eagle Descent From the Top of Notre Dame

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Put the controlled descent to good use during assassinations with a new technique I call Eagle Descent. Descend on your enemy in continuous motion like an eagle swooping down in its prey.

Sequence 3 Confession

During this assassination memory you kill a target in a church, Notre Dame to be specific. For this to work you need to lead him outside through the front door. Follow the instructions carefully.

Don't get his attention right away, for two reasons:
1. The guards will tear you to shreds.
2. If the target detects you early on he won'y give chase.

Instead make your way to toward the back where the target is heading, killing guards along the way. If done right you won't have to worry about other enemies while he's chasing after you, which is great also because if the bell is sounded the front door gets closed.

The next part is tricky. When he's led outside the city guards may get in a fight with him. This could lead to him being incapacitated. One unexpected reaction from fighting the city guards is the target could lose his courage and flee, not able to detect you anymore.

If you manage to get him past all that the hard part is past. Lead him to the North side of the building shown in the video.

Eagle Descent

Now comes the fun part. Using controlled descent you can quickly vault and drop down for a stylish kill. It's a little hard to make it go smoothly and fast because there are times when Arno merely performs a simple drop-and-hang, ruining the concept of quickly descending. I also had to perform one or two manual jumps to propel him in the right direction horizontally. But after a short while the desired effect was achieved, with Arno in near constant motion.

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