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Your favorite AC kill (nostalgia topic)

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What's your personal favorite kill you pulled off in Assassin's Creed?

Not your favorite kill animation, but the actual kill (although the animation could be part of it). It doesn't have to be an assassination or target.

My favorite kill, looking back, was using the Bow and Arrow in AC3 and killing 3 guards with one arrow. They patrolled around in single file lines, and if you were close enough, and drew the bow with enough power, the arrow would go through one guard and kill another. I managed to get 3 (maybe 4, but that could be my memory hyperbolizing, most likely) with one arrow. I also think I got two deer at once that way.

So what's your favorite kill? Is it a goofy one like that one? Is it some early death with a lot of complicated set up? Is it simply killing all enemies around with a fast lift?

Actually, speaking of fast lifts, I have an honorable mention. When I was playing Unity Co-op with Joey, I was in "trouble" and surrounded. I threw a smoke bomb, hit a fast lift and did lots of damage to all of the guards (maybe killed some). Unbeknownst to me, Joey came to my rescue and also got hit by the fast lift.

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Double McStab with Cheese wrote:
When I was playing Unity Co-op with Joey, I was in "trouble" and surrounded. I threw a smoke bomb, hit a fast lift and did lots of damage to all of the guards (maybe killed some). Unbeknownst to me, Joey came to my rescue and also got hit by the fast lift.

I was trying to help!! Crying

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I'm still very proud of remaining anonymous during my first attempt at the Tamir assassination (the first one in AC1). I kept blending, slowly sneaked my way to Tamir, and did a high-profile from-behind kill (IMO still the best assassination animation ever, where you put your victim to his knees, raise your hidden blade to the sky, and plunge it down in his neck).

I remember being really excited that I pulled off my very first assassination perfectly the way I planned on the first try.

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The one that keeps coming to mind is the original stunt assassination of William de Montferrat. This was before Ian and I had figured out how to skip repetitive parts, so every completed assassination required a playthrough from the beginning of the Memory Block. This video contained three assassinations, hence three playthroughs.

I wasn't even sure if my concept of a stunt assassination would work so I recorded this one first. After some planning I gave it a shot and it worked beautifully on the first take. It was after midnight, so I did some fist pumping and hushed celebrating before going to bed.

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My absolute favorite kill that I've ever done was Al Mualim in AC1 the first time I ever played the game. To this day I wish I could forget Assassin's Creed 1 just so I could play it again for the first time, to experience that moment again. I hadn't played a videogame - a medium known for making YOU experience events yourself instead of passively observing them - that had delivered such powerful betrayal. The Apple of Eden, combined with the Templars' vision for a New World were honestly very frightening things to me, and I was 14 years old at the time. I remember thinking, even back then, that a videogame was the only true medium through which Assassin's Creed would be expressed most purely - since the Animus itself was already a Metaphor for gaming's interactive nature.

God, it was just...

"The student does not defeat the teacher..."
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All of that release of tension, seemingly. Seemingly.

And yet, then you're back at Abstergo, and it feels like everything has just begun, not ended. The strange markings on the floors and wall, Desmond's inheritance of Eagle Vision, all of the real world events and conspiracies mentioned. The game did not ever use its interactive nature to reveal how it FEELS to be a prisoner of Abstergo up until that point! Because in previous parts of the game, it was nothing more than buffer that the player didn't pay attention to until you went back into the Animus.

"Ooh, wonder who I get ta kill today?"

But now there's no one left to kill. And yet the game lets you stay there. It lets you play on. Sure it was used as a way to let you Replay missions, but Patrice didn't need to give you access to Modern Day if that was all it was. No, it was more; since there was no longer any new Game to discover, the player now actually felt like a prisoner. And to make matters worse, if they finally look up all the meanings of the strange ciphers on the floors and wall, they realize how horrific this New World can become - just like Desmond has realized - and they realize they can't do anything about it but pace around this cold, sterile lab.

Crawling through wikis and YouTube videos, through conspiracy sites and searching YouTube over and over for, "Skilled Assassin's Creed gameplay," "Badass Assassin's Creed gameplay," "high level AC gameplay," and finding nothing for weeks.

Finding "The Bleeding Effect - Expert Gameplay in Assassin's Creed."


That's what that kill did for me. And to this day I haven't found a single community for any videogame, even a single other Assassin's Creed community, that is as mentally nourishing, as refreshing, as dedicated to Understanding these games on a Mechanical and Fictional level as above and beyond as TheHiddenBlade tries to. All the above reasons are why killing my treacherous mentor for the first time is my favorite kill in all of Assassin's Creed.

Months later, Assassin's Creed II was announced. I haven't been as excited for the announcement of a game since.