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William of Montferrat (Alternative Escape Route)

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Finally got around to doing this. The goal is to escape while inside the fortress. This is a pretty robust route, always works for me. There are other hiding spots inside the fortress should anyone else want to try this.

Ian and stabguy pretty much nailed all the stunts for this assassination, so I thought I would take a different approach. Use the priests so you can blend right next to him and assassinate him in front of all his guards.

For those interested I will start working on the save citizen video for this district soon

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Damn I forgot to edit the end! Eh il keep it anyway lol

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That's an extremely nice assassination. I'd never even thought about doing it that way. O.o
The escape is nice, but it's a long way freerunning before you actually get in the haystack. Maybe that can be done faster?

Also, you screwed up at the very end of the video, lol. Not that it matters anymore. Tongue


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