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What does "Surprise" mean?

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Hi guys, this is my report about a strange thing.

Mission: Sequence 9 Memory 1 "Imagine my Surprise"

Before access this mission, you will see Adewale standby at the scene. Although you can gentle push him to anywhere, but you can not use any weapon to kill him.

In final test, I pushed him into the sea, unexpectedly, he actually drowned, and then a strange thing happened. His body disappear after a few seconds. At the same time, I can not do anything besides turning my camera.

When I press the B button, a prompt appears in the lower right corner of the window to remind me skip the cutscene, so I understand the reason, because of his death and disappeared makes me to accept this mission. And then I waited for a long time (it's longer than the cutscene), but I'm still stuck in there. Okay, so I skip the cutscene. Later, the normal operation of the program, although I have no idea about his death how to makes me pick up this mission.

This situation reminds me of Aurel's videos about the "Invisible Assassination", it is somewhat similar? What do you think, guys?

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That's certainly odd, but glad they didn't do the whole "everybody is glued in position"-thing.

Seems somewhat alike to the invisible assassinations.


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