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Until Dawn.

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Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive title that basically is a 80's B-horror movie but a video game. It's plot and gameplay are centers around the Butterfly effect concept. They're 8 teens that the game focuses on and depending on you're actions they either live or die gruesome deaths.

I was really surprised by this game because of how much your choices actually effect the game. From the immediate-very critical choices to the small dialouge options, it all matters and can impact the story significantly. The general goal is to keep all eight of the teens alive but the game really doesn't punish you if don't since it based on player choice. In my 4 playthroughs I have not been able to save all 8 people. In my first play through, 3 of the 8 survived, second only 4, and third all but one.
Another fun part of the game are the collectables. They're clues to what's going scattered throughout the game that explain why what's happening is happening. They're also these other things in the game called totems.The totems are like a spoilers in a sense, they warn you on a future situation or give you insight on what to do. You can also find them throughout the game and if you find them all you unlock a pretty cool documentary on the enemy of the game.

Has anyone here played Until Dawn? I recommend it if you're a fan of cheesy old-school horror movies and games like Telltale's the walking dead.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which

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Until Dawn is a game that I would never play myself (I'm not that into horror games) but it's a great game for someone who watches a lot of YouTube videos, like me! I've watched a couple of different playthroughs on different channels and it's pretty interesting to see how different gamers react to the same thing and what decisions they'll make.

The game itself, from what I've seen, is very well-made. It looks gorgeous, the story is designed to lead you in the wrong direction multiple times, and there are some truly terrifying moments. It also does a really great job of mixing all different kinds of horror genres (slasher, zombies, ghosts, monsters, curses).

I've always thought the butterfly effect is a cool concept, so this game immediately got me interested. The amount of decision moments is crazy and as a result there's a very wide variety of things that can or cannot happen (I'd love to see a complete flowchart for the entire game). As I've said, it's cool to see how different personalities play a game like this and how their endings differ. For example:


Spoiler: Highlight to view

The first playthrough I watched started out okay. Matt got killed because they didn't find the flare gun. Ashley and Chris both died chasing the voice which they thought was Jessica's. Jessica died when they chose to run instead of hide. Sam died for messing up a 'don't move'. Mike and Emily made it out alive.

The second playthrough (Dutch) didn't start as well. Jessica died very early because they didn't make Mike rush to get to her. Matt died identical to the other playthrough. Ashley and Chris didn't chase the voice because they knew it couldn't be Jessica (she was already dead), so they made it to the lodge, along with Sam, Mike and Emily. They could have saved five people, but misunderstood the final decision. Chris ran out first, after which they chose not to save Mike, but to run to the door and flick the switch, killing Mike, Ashley and Emily in the explosion.

Neither playthroughs collected the clues to have Josh stay alive.

After watching the first playthrough I went on the wikia for Until Dawn and read up on all the stuff they missed and what consequences other decisions would have. It's obviously designed to play more than once, but I feel like I would never play it again after my first playthrough, because the story would be spoiled and my decisions would be biased by what happened earlier. I much rather prefer watching different people play it for the first time, because what you see is their genuine, original reactions.

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When it comes to decision making games, the Fable series comes to mind. I always try to be a good character and usually make the wisest choices (that said, I was surprised how Fable 3 ended),

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apparently I had to save up a bunch of money, but since I didn't, the kingdom was destroyed despite winning the battle. Now everyone hates me.

so chances are I'd replay Until Dawn to save the characters who died.

Botcher's Creed17 wrote:
Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive title

Was afraid of that. Since I don't own a PS4, it'll be a matter of getting access from a friend's. On the bright side, a certain Gamestop gift card will finally have a use.