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Unity 2 and my feelings about the state of this franchise. (ORIGINS SPOILERS AHEAD)

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Now that the new console generation is out and we have the technology, why not get a followup to Unity? It strikes me as odd that Arno does pretty much everything but look into his father's killer, and while I'm not even sure the timelines would match up and Shay would even be alive after the years of Unity's Dead Kings dlc, it could be Shay finding clues as to who he was and finding him as an old, somber man, not to mention, Connor and the American Brotherhood are still out there.

...Or I would say this if I had any faith left in Ubisoft. Like, really, Destiny-style limited time events in a single player game in Valhalla? It's my opinion that you should be able to come back to a single player game 4 or even 5 years down the road and still be able to see, use, and aquire all that the game has to offer. Not to mention the story is just a mess, and it all started with Origins. Why is it that when gameplay is a mess, or graphics, a game needs to be delayed, but if the story is a mess and is butchered, the game goes gold and is good to go with no one batting an eye? It would be one thing if this was acknowledged, but I'm supposed to take some revenge stricken man's rampage who refused to acknowledge that he had a part in the death of his own son as canon for the entire series, this franchise, which once had deep thoughts and conversations on the nature of order vs freedom and morality, has been reduced to another in the lineup of Ubisoft's yearly "products"!? It's just been assassinated. It's a travesty to see.

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Valhalla is fuel for the masses.
It's the AC game which has sold the most, and I highly doubt it'd mostly be AC players buying it. I feel that it's the same as Odyssey, which could be a standalone game and would still sell very well, possibly due to the fact that they are graphically pretty. They're good games but have little to do with AC, with the franchise being added in as an afterthought.

I must confess, I have only played till Revelations, but I do know a slight amount about the later games. The deep philosophical ideologies were lost to the forces of time; with little of the Assassin's Creed ideology staying in the later games.
In AC2 Ezio is revenge stricken too, but I know too little about the alter games to be able to properly compare.

I may not be the best person to reply to your post, but I'm merely sharing my thoughts.

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