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Uberto Alberti Eagle Strike Pre-Assassination

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-front-paged by Ian-
This is a eagle strike on Uberto Alberti and then i do a Pre-Assassination also i show when you throw Antonio Maffei in a hay stack he dies.

---The following was added by IanXO4 in collaboration with hit468---

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This is the walkthrough on setting up the eagle strike on Uberto Alberti.

Leap of faith down to street level and blend with the crowd as the guard patrol walks by. Jog past the other guards while keeping your distance so you are not Exposed. After you round the corner, superblend with the courtesans and fast walk to the ladder. Breach the courtyard at roof level.

Uberto is too far from the tower to perform an eagle strike, so you'll need to move him. aurllcooljay found that you can move Uberto by tossing civilians at him. You need to keep some distance - Uberto is scripted to see you if you are 6 meters from him or closer, regardless of which way he is facing. Knocking Uberto over twice is typically good enough to position him for the eagle strike.

Climb up the tower and get on the rail exactly as shown. You need to be on the corner of the rail, and Ezio's body needs to be in the exact same posture - with his shoulders angled to the left. Look over Ezio's head to fine tune your aim. Tilt the left stick directly up on the controller, and then press jump. I've never missed catching the ledge when using this process to aim.

After catching the ledge, you won't be able to air assassinate since Ezio hasn't learned this ability yet. hit468 came up with the nice workaround of using air tackle instead. After tackling, press the attack button to start the assassination cutscene. If you are quick about it, you might be able to squeeze in an assassination of Uberto just before the cutscene (as shown in hit468's video at the top).

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Leo K
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LOL I knew Ezio was angry at Uberto for killing his family... but I didn't know he was THAT pissed.
Taking the body UPRIGHT, and stabbing it repeatedly AFTER you stab him in the head, wow.
Reminds me of Mortal Kombat.

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A few weeks ago, if you told me that one could eagle strike Uberto, I wouldn't have believed you. Since then, we've seen the air tackle as a nice workaround for lack of air assassination (hit468), the placement of the target by grabbing and throwing civilians (aurllcooljay via hit468), and the precutscene assassination of Ulberto (hit468). (I like how Uberto still talks when hes dead.) These are great finds that deserve major recognition! I applaud your accomplishments.

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i was just seeing what would happen if you
throw him in a hay stack, unfortunately he dies.

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I really enjoyed the throwing Antonio Maffei off the building. Thanks!

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