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There's no stealth.

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I've been watching the intro of the game, which is a central piece in any game, and it's an archaeology of the AC concept.

AC has a free, experimental feel to its design in general, but especially this trailer is a very early trailer, the long-promise trailer, it's an original concept art of AC.

And it's a very concise, to-the-point demonstration of the archetypal AC action. Investigation from above, kill, escape. There's no stealth.

The escape stage has hiding, of course, but there's no stealth before the kill.

What there is is just a proximity game. With a special walk-slowly button.

You don't get there by hiding in the shadows, mingling with the crowd, or getting your beggar friends distract the guards. You just keep your distance, and walk slowly.

That's a special kind of awesome. He's a Terminator. Walks up, shoves away some bystanders, finishes the job, and disappears.

It's a distance thing. Even when sneaking behind a guard, or killing a guard for distraction, it's all about distance. Avoiding them without getting close. What he does is he stays away. It's not classical stealth.

And it's not different with a mysterious death either. It's all staying away all the way.

And that's one of the themes that ACII didn't even try to reproduce. I wonder if there will be more of it in ACIII, given that Connor is more of an outsider figure.

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It's not classical stealth.


But, yeah, it's not stealth per se. But it's pretty damn accurate in terms of social stealth, since you aren't drawing attention to yourself, no? Much better than standing in the middle of a group, not even talking to the people and being 'blended'.


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I can see what you mean, although I would still argue that it's a form of stealth.

It's less, Hide in plain site, and more, Stay f*cking miles away.