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The Templars' Early Deaths in The Braddock Expedition

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The Braddock Expedition
The Braddock Expedition is the third and last memory of sequence three. I will focus at the beginning, when you ride with your allies. Their names from front to back are:

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Benjamin Church - killed in sequence 9
Thomas Hickey - killed in sequence 8
William Johnson - killed in sequence 6
John Pitcairn - killed in sequence 7

Early Deaths
Killing these targets early depends on them riding their horses. You can move the horses by riding a horse by them (if you get directly behind them you can make them move from as far as about fifteen to twenty feet away). Now since the targets themselves are invincible, it prevents you from pulling off easy deaths. You can shoot at them with range weapons, which are ineffective. They will counter any attempts to tackle them off their horses. However the horses they ride on can be shot. Shooting the horse will cause it to fall, dismounting the rider.

Since water is the only thing that kills characters, even invincible ones (in a sense), that is what I need to use. Here are the results of my attempts to move the targets into water.

For one of them, I moved his horse onto a cliff and shot it. The target fell onto a lower cliff. I was able to slowly move the target off the cliff by attempting to tackle him. Moving the horse at him also seemed to move him, although not as effectively. After that he fell off, but the water wasn't deep enough to drown him. After moving him further with a bunch of tackles, I accidentally discovered that you can move him while swimming (collision mechanics must be different while swimming, which is understandable). For the other targets I simply led them to a lake shore and shot their horse, causing them to fall into the water.

I also included the database entries for the targets as proof of their identities.

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I didn't try much else while I was recording. I did move mounted George close to Braddock right before the cutscene, but either he disappeared or teleported. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you moved him where some predatory animals were (human bait possible?), since you can't attack.

For those of you who, like Connor, wonder where Charles like is, he's apologizing to Braddock for Haytham's behavior (as was discussed when you're riding with Haytham's Templar allies).

This took some time because when I originally did this I moved all of them together. Luckily when they were close they would all move if I moved one of them, but I still had to steer them the right direction. After about an hour I got them all to the shore. But then I realized I only had three bullets! So I "borrowed" a gun from a soldier. But when I returned they were all gone! Angry They disappear at about a hundred meters. Had I been wiser I would have remembered about the infinite ammo animus hack. *facepalm*

EDIT: I forgot to put the apostrophe after the "s" in the title. Fixed.

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I love how when you shoot a horse in water the rider dies but the horse gets up and runs away. Laughing out loud

Any progress on assassinating George Washington during this memory?

You won't even feel the blade.