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Silent Worship Shortcut

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Like the title says, a shortcut for silently killing all the guards in the Sistine chapel. Here's the original video.

The only weapon you need equipped for this is poison. I start with the brute at the upper left of the room. Blend-walk out of a group to poison the brute without getting detected (stick by the wall to avoid getting seen by the other brutes). Now walk along the wall and poison the other brutes on that side of the room from behind. After that walk straight across to the other side of the room. The brutes there will see you until you blend back into a group. Blend-walk out of that group and repeat the process. The last brute is blocked off by a structure, so I run to poison him. You can expect for him to exclaim from seeing you, but usually he's poisoned when you're still anonymous.

Now for "killing" Rodrigo. Here's a way to "kill" him with one of the brutes' weapons. This will cause a glitch (not shown in video) with the scene after the memory corridor scene. This glitch was shown before in a video.
However it was done with a heavy weapon outside of the Chapel. It was originally thought you couldn't kill him with a weapon in the chapel. This is because you have to jump from the high place and immediately attack. Running at him with the weapon and attacking will result in desynchronizing during the kill animation. So here's what to do: At the place shown in the video do a wall run and grasp the structure. There's a good chance the weapon will get stuck in the structure. Now climb on the ledge at the place shown, which will have Ezio in a standing positon. From there you can pick up the heavy weapon (make sure you're past the corner of the structure or Ezio will grasp the structure when you press the Empty hand button). Now you can make your way to the high place without having to drop the weapon. You can probably also use this method to bring the papal staff out of the Sistine Chapel.

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My favorite part is the mosh pit formed by all the parishioners trying to flee into the back room.

You won't even feel the blade.

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So much fun! Thanks, Aurel. Big smile

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