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Sibrand - Full Stealth Assassination (by InTehVaria)

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(CopyPasted from InTehVaria's YouTube Description):

"Assassin's Creed - Memory Block 5 - Sibrand Assassination

Turn on *subtitles*!


This is fulfilling a request I got from a viewer and big AC fan. Plus, with the game's 10th anniversary approaching (holy crap) it seemed extra appropriate. The challenge was as follows:

Kill Sibrand without being detected , including by city guards, going out of the Assassin Bureau , to Sibrand, and all the way safely back to the Bureau, but without killing any npcs aside from Sibrand after or before killing him on the ship without ever being detected. No HUD either.

I did leave the sync bar HUD element active for the approach portion of the run because getting to the mission start point undetected is usually no challenge at all, so I decided to try to infiltrate completely unseen. AC1 has that weird eye icon instead of SSI meters or any other kind of indicator to show that an enemy is looking at you, and that element is tied to the sync bar.

This video isn't a single continuous run as you can probably tell, but getting into this mission to retry is really tedious thanks to how AC1 is structured so I think you'll forgive me.

AC1 is an odd beast. It's severely flawed, but its unity of vision is very different from the absurdly sprawling later games. It's a striking game even now, almost a decade on. Unity was already an attempt at a "back to the roots" game, but I'd still really like to see a future game that tries to get even closer to what the original attempted. Origins looks fine, but it definitely isn't that.

It was fun accessing this ol' memory block again. Happy 10th, AC.

Oh, and screw Youtube for taking away annotations. It's not my fault you never implemented them on mobile, and now there's no easy way to add text notes into videos so I have to resort to subtitles as a kludge. If anybody has a better way, please do tell me."


I hope it was okay to post this here, it seemed reasonable. I love AC1 probably more than the rest of the games, so it was ultra awesome to see ITV do something sick like this. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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I'm impressed by the times he barely manages to avoid getting seen. Must have taken a bunch of practice.

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I tried to do this yesterday but i got detect twice in total.
I really didn't feel like doing the grind and perfecting it but if I have the time you never know!

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