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The Mercenary - Offensive Decoy

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Alright here is how offensive decoy works. If you see a stationary group, eliminate as many as possible by using obstacles to block the compass. You will normally narrow it down to 2 people. Use decoy on one of them, if it is the player it will say you can only use it on civilians, and if it isnt well it will turn into a copy of you and you know the other guy is the real target. This could work with poison, but I wanted smoke for now to get focus kills.

Now about moving crowds, take 3:35 as an example. Target the leader of the crowd and use decoy on them. The group will be broken up for a bit, and if they player was auto walking he will stop for a few moments, use that time to quickly lock on to them so you dont forget and then nail them by surprise.

Note you can also target a suspicious looking character in wanted and if that message displays and they dont turn into a decoy, chances are they are your pursuer, and you dont waste an ability

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Honestly what I really like about this tactic is its ability for defense and offense. When I first started playing AC:B online I usually favored a mixed profile set with one offensive and one defensive ability (usually smoke bombs and throwing knives). Now I use, going with some advice I found on this website, Templar Vision and Charge when I play Wanted. But now I find myself getting owned in Wanted most times because I focus so much of my attention on my own targets and have no defensive options. Yes, charge can be used to stun pursuers but only if they are nearby and you are fairly certain it is indeed a pursuer. With Decoy, I could use it defensively to win more escapes and as a detection tool offensively. Thanks for the awesome video and tip!

Btw, what's everyone's favorite ability set ups? Both offensive and Defensive.

I'll go first.

Offensive: Templar Vision/ Charge
Defensive: Mute/ Smoke Bombs

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Yeah I was like oh shit when I realised i locked on to some invisible thing

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Another excellent vid Jack!! I never even considered using decoy on offense but I might give it a go after that Smile
Serious wtf glitch on San Donato there, I've never been unlucky enough to have the invisible people glitch.

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I hadn't even thought of using decoy that way. I've never really ran with it, because I favored mute or morph over it. But it is definitely a good offensive tool when used like this. In wanted I either run with Mute/Smoke or Morph/Smoke depending on whether the match is focused around rooftops or more on ground-level. I'm going to replace one of those with Decoy/Smoke and give it a try later to day, see how it works out.